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Billy Booth

Phone Call from an Alien

By August 28, 2006

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UFO I recently was sent a link to a great article on the Net. Written by Preston Dennett, Phone Call from an Alien is a superb piece of writing and a wealth of information. Dennett discusses an unusual way that aliens contact humans, through the ordinary telephone. Jack Sarfatti, quantum physicist, began receiving phone calls from a mechanical-like voice that promised to instruct him in 1952. He feels that what was told to him was highly influential in his successful career. In 1977, well known abductee Betty Andreasson also began receiving phone calls from aliens. While talking to her future husband and abductee Bob Luca, they were interrupted by a third party breaking into their conversation. Andreasson described the calls as a "strange language, " although she could understand what they were saying. The call also sounded like musical tones. She was abducted that very evening. She was warned of a upcoming tragedy. Only two days later, two of her children were killed in an accident.

Abductee Debbie Jordan, aka Kathie Davis, began receiving strange calls in 1980. She was pregnant at the time, and during the entire duration of her pregnancy, noise-like sounds mixed with a groaning voice came every Wednesday until she gave birth to a healthy boy, until the age of 3, when he developed a strange speech problem. Doctors could not help him. Finally, it seems, he grew out of it, but his speech was like the strange calls. Probably the most famous of all contactees was Switzerland's Eduard Billy Meier, whose researchers were involved in strange phone calls, allegedly from the Pleiadians. Brit and Lee Elders, along with Wendelle Stevens would be witnesses to the odd occurrences. These few examples of phone calls from aliens are only the beginning in Dennett's article. Check it out and see the whole story.

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August 29, 2006 at 2:07 am
(1) NoOne says:

When I was involved in “Intuitive Councelling”, I had many calls from several small towns in Queensland, Australia. Many of my clients complained that they had strange experiences involving inplants to their bodies. When I tactfully pried into their movements, it seems none of them knew each other but they all appeared to suffer from some traumatic experience very similar to each other. One of them described some strange markings which ultimately vanished. Having experienced ‘sightings’ of UFOs right throughout my life, eg., 1954 Salzburg Austria, 1958 West Australia and South Australia particularly along the Australian Bight etc., I treated all of these comments with caution and covered myself by redirecting them to seek Medical Help. However, after these calls I had peculiar phone interference for the duration of weeks thereafter and instinctively felt that someone was searching for me. I assure you, I don’t usually think these things. Believing that people are abducted or visited throught one’s life by things that cannot be explained, I found myself being reminded of unpleasantness everytime I took the receiver off the hook and heard that noise. I decided to have my phone disconnected for a short time after that. I moved house and have a telephone again, but the lines seem to be o/k now. All I can say about the noise is, that it consisted of peculiar wavelengths, and listening to these was almost mesmerizing to the point that one imagined someone speaking to you not just through the phone but also, through one’s mind. Being a person who preferrs to be incontrol of myself, I decided not to go along with it. So here I am, keeping myself informed of other people’s experiences along these lines.

August 29, 2006 at 4:35 pm
(2) Tabitha says:

I myself had a strange calling from an alien but not by phone.It was by a sort of dream. It was very interesting indeed. Everyone was talking is some strange langauge that i didnt know but yet i did understand. It was very strange….

April 3, 2008 at 2:46 am
(3) noPhone says:

I too have experienced a phone call similiar to NoOne’s comment my phone call was an electrical type of sound that kept me almost paralyzed and felt like i should be knowing what was being told to me, my brother also heard this thing and was totaly freaked out by it and I hung up the phone and wouldent answer it for weeks

September 25, 2008 at 2:25 pm
(4) nophonefan says:

cool i shoud keep my phone one more

October 25, 2010 at 1:06 pm
(5) Jack says:

I had a very wierd phone message left the other day. I went to listen to my messages and i hear this sound like that in the movie “Signs” that clicking sort of sound…then ended with a sort of breathing sound….i have the ability to check my incoming messages and what time they were left..the message center when i called in says 1:32PM…there is nothing for that time on the bill.I did get messages from people i know before and after but that one weird call is not on the list..That’s weird…..

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