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Update on What's Happening in Texas

By January 25, 2008

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Since my last article, the media interest in the sightings in and around Stephenville, Texas has reached almost unbelievable levels. There is a lot happening, and it's been rapid fire. I want to keep us all up to date as much as possible, as this is by far the biggest UFO story since the famous Phoenix Lights case, and has many similarities to the famous event.

In my article, Texas Sightings of 2008, I gave the basic details of what got this big ball rolling, which basically involved a couple of sightings of a mile long UFO over the farming community, followed by two F-16 fighter jets. What's more is that these UFOs were seen by an experienced airplane pilot, the local constable, and a preacher. I would think that these gentleman would qualify as "reliable" witnesses.

This case has been reported by every major news agency there is, with two UFO specials being broadcast on CNN's "Larry King Live."

I have been on two radio programs about the sightings, and did a question and answer session with the main witness in the case, Steve Allen, on the second show. Both of these shows are archived, and free to download. I could not give any advance warning on these shows because everything has been happening so fast.

At the beginning of the sightings, the Air Force denied that there were any military aircraft in the area, but now they have stated that they made a mistake, and that there were actually 10 F-16s in the air the night of January 8, 2008. This hass, of course, been quickly debunked by eyewitness accounts, with witnesses stating the "two" jets were seen independently of the UFO.

Anyone who can reason will also recall that there have been many other sightings of UFOs over Stephenville, and many other cities in Texas, before and after the date of the major sighting and day of the so-called military jet exercises. If you want to see enough video on the event to last you a week, just go to Youtube.com, and type in "Stephenville UFOs," and get your popcorn ready. Check back for more on this breaking case.


January 25, 2008 at 7:00 pm
(1) scott says:

The military’s changing stories are sort of embarassing. However, it really doesn’t matter that much what the military says these days. You can see what’s going on with the unprecedented media coverage that these UFO incidents with the public have a life of their own and the military doesn’t have any control over that. In the past people were more fearful to come forward with their sightings. Now many people with reputable backgrounds and even public officials are now admitting sightings, and I think this will cause a cracks in the small secret parts of the government (CIA?) which puts out the disinformation. All the public or media needs is some better pics of the UFOs themselves. The pics are getting better, but still not quite good enough to be undeniable to the average person. With all the cameras out there I think it’s just a matter of time before we gets some ‘smoking gun’ pics of the UFOs.

January 25, 2008 at 8:03 pm
(2) Chance metz says:

How true and at our arte that ay happen very oon,at least I hope so.

February 1, 2008 at 11:51 pm
(3) Angelia J. says:

Nice article. I think there will be more to come.

February 7, 2008 at 4:02 am
(4) Trish says:

Okay.. I live in texas. And not very far from one of the sightings.. I am a true believer. I’ve seen some strange things in the night sky. And I can usually tell the difference of a far off plane, or a slow orbiting satellite. You know it’s not a plane or a satellite, if it’s going everywhich way, and faster than humanly possible or playing hide and go seek behind the stars. Like I said.. I’ve seen some pretty strange things. And I’ve heard them all as well. I come from a family who’ve seen it all. I’m always searching the night sky for something other than the stars.. When it’s not to cold out..
Actually, I had a question, for anyone willing to answer. Earlier tonight, I was talking with my dad.. And I know this may sound strange.. but so was what I heard. Like nothing I’d ever heard before. And I’ve heard interference before. This was different.. It sounded like another language. There were possibly three of them talking.. If in fact aliens exist.. Is it possible to pick up their frequency on your cell phone?- Because I was talking with my dad tonight.. and I could hear something rather strange. Like I said.. another language of some sort. I thought at first that I could be picking up other peoples conversations.. But I live way out in the country, on the river. And there aren’t many people around here. It was quite unnerving. Still is. Id had chills, and even allowed my mom to listen. My father..(Whom I was on the phone with) Did not hear what I did. He told me that his radio and CB, were all off. Also, I’m not far from the UFO sightings, where one of the towns officials himself had a sighting. I’ve seen recently, jets everywhere. Sometime back in January, when all of this started happening. It was broad daylight. I saw a dark colored plane, circling the area. Like it was chasing something. There were dozens of jets out that day as well. Dozens. The sky was all scared up with their Con Trails. There has been some activity recently as well. Jets, planes and helicopters as well. Anyway.. I’d like to hear some feedback if at all possible.. Thanks.


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