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UFO Videotaped by Costa Rican Pilot

By February 6, 2013

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From a plane flight in Costa Rica, we have a video taken by the pilot on January 23, 2013. Joseph Daniel Araya took the footage of the UFO which moved below the plane. The object was fast-moving.

In the video we see a rapidly moving object below the aircraft. When he saw the object in cellphone, the immediately put the camera down and looked out the plane; the object was gone by then.

Astronomer Alexis Astua estimated that the object was traveling at 3600 kilometers per hour. This is seven times the speed of the airplane.

See the footage at UFO Videotaped by Costa Rican Pilot, and be sure to add your comments.


February 11, 2013 at 4:25 pm
(1) Sam B says:

My first impression is that this is a reflection of the sun which is near the horizon. The rate of the object’s movement seems to correspond perfectly with the movement of the sun as the aircraft makes a left bank.

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