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Billy Booth

Rotating UFO Seen over Boulder, Colorado

By June 8, 2013

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Here is an excellent report from a woman who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Her and her husband's house sits on a ridge of the Rocky Mountains, and that ridge gives them an excellent view of their surroundings.

On the 22 of April, 2013, she woke up shortly after 2:00 AM, and through a window saw an incredible sight; a row of blinking lights. The lights covered all the colors of the rainbow. The light appeared to be on an object that was rotating in the sky. Soon her husband joined her.

See the complete report at Rotating UFO Seen over Boulder, Colorado, and be sure to add any comments you might have.


June 9, 2013 at 4:22 pm
(1) Cheese Dip says:

Dear Billy,

“Rotating discs” have been reported by reliable witnesses for nearly 60 years. Clear sightings (in daylight) have often described the “physical base” as rotating and some rotating tops have been described. Many discs do not seem to rotate at low speeds (near hover – hard to land with a rotating base).
A rotating set of lights is commonly seen around the middle “girth” of discs and this effect is “exaggerated” during the “winding up” phase before rapid takeoff (an increase in the sound pitch has been reported by close viewers).
The witness’ report on the spot lights is most interesting. Maybe these “vehicles” are still around because they get incredible mileage.


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