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Billy Booth

UFO Close Encounter in Fayetteville, Arkansas

By February 15, 2014

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My latest effort is a report on a man and his daughter who had a very close encounter with a triangle-shaped UFO in Arkansas this month. They claim that the UFO came directly toward them; hovering over their car in Gulley Park.

What interested me about this somewhat routine report is that the two witnesses claim to have been abducted in 1999 driving in a remote wooded area. They were taken aboard an unknown craft and subjected to tests administered by none other than 'insectoid' creatures. It seems that humans were there also, under the direction of the beings.

See this most interesting account at UFO Close Encounter in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and make any comments that you like.


February 15, 2014 at 4:39 pm
(1) Cheese Dip says:

Dear Billy,
A very good report. Classic Petit Rechain, Belgium triangle description with a bonus “GO AWAY.” A conscious effort to tell “them” to go away has been reported to be effective before. The 1999 abduction report is more troubling. Some contacts appear to require that the “contactee-abductee” be INSIDE a “field-of-influence” of some kind. At Fatima, the 3 prepared seers could see “The Lady” – the crowd of onlookers could only see a cloud above the contact point (an oak tree (i.e., prior to the climactic October 13, 1917 light display which was seen for miles). It appears that “they” can control what you see and hear inside “the field-of-influence” by working on your brain directly (a “brain hack”). The men with clipboards and hard hats is an apparent “absurd detail.” Such absurd details are used by “them” so that rational non-witnesses can dismiss the account (i.e., She’s nuts). Those that think abductions are “IN THE MIND” of the witness are repeating a truth, BUT not understanding the implications. It appears that direct mind-to-mind manipulation is a process they can use to whatever degree necessary (slight to radical).

February 16, 2014 at 7:34 am
(2) shirley says:

How is this man and his daughter now. Are they coping and getting on with their lives or contemplating another event. Another story to believe or not to believe. The humans seen may well not be human and the clipboard may be something else being used. The others we are left to our imagination.
You would have to ask yourselves if confronted with a Ufo very close to you would you say ‘Go away’ or ‘Stay I want to know you’ it all depends on ones personality or nature to do so.

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