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Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina - UFOs and Aliens
South Carolina has had a number of great sighting reports. ... unlike any he has heard before and has seen figures described as humanoid, but not quite so.
UFO Sightings from South Carolina and Georgia - UFOs and Aliens
The first sighting was on Saint James Blvd. by Wal-Mart, just above tree line ... Also see Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina, and UFOs Reported over  ...
Brilliant Point of Light over Rock Hill, South Carolina
Jan 12, 2014 ... A motorist in South Carolina observes an unknown flying object. ... We had beautiful, clear skies, and I was enjoying the sight of three or four ... UFOs over South Carolina, and Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina.
Flying Humanoid in Poland - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
In 2000, a rare case of a flying humanoid occurred in the country of Poland. ... that he could feel his heart in his throat at he watched the unusual sight before him. ... Reports a Jet Encounter with a UFO · Multiple UFOs over South Carolin...
2012 UFO Sightings in South Dakota - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
We have a couple you can see at Sighting from South Dakota, and UFO Sighting ... Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina · How to Report Child Abuse in ...
Weirdness in Every State – Part 2 of True Stories of Weirdness in ...
The creature's face was elongated, like that of a wolf, but it was humanoid in ... Aisis and her friend Jessica were at a South Carolina beach one day, and despite ... Her first sighting was around 10:30 p.m. about 25 miles south of Nashville as ...
Alien Abduction Phenomena - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
41 Articles in: Alien Abduction Phenomena. Alien Encounters - 2009 Spate of Alien Encounters · The year of 2009 has seen a spate of alien sightings. Share ...
UFO Close Encounter in Cuba - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
It opened, and to his total shock, a humanoid creature walked out of the craft. ... At about 50 feet altitude, the object then flew horizontally toward the South. ... After news of the sighting began to be known, authorities looked for additional ....
Reader Reports: Encounters with Winged Creatures
“I saw your article about the thunderbird sighting in South Carolina,” reports Amy J. “I ... This next sighting wasn't of a bird at all, but something even stranger. ... Orb and Humanoid Report in South Carolina · How to Report Child Abuse i...
Weird Creatures and Monsters - True Stories, Encounters, and ...
Of course, it's possible that they are misidentifying known creatures, but what if only some of these sightings are accurate? Here are reports of cryptids, monsters  ...
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