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Three Witnesses See Triangle UFO over Maricopa, Arizona
A gathering of three friends in a backyard in Maricopa, Arizona, would become a night to remember. The three friends often gathered for some sky watching, and ...
The Woodland Hills, Utah UFO - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Sky watching tours were common for the two, and the tours were considered successful if something a little off the beaten path was seen. Little did the two ...
Two Witnesses Report UFO over Linesville, Pennsylvania
She also felt like she was being watched. As they gazed into the sky, they noticed a star or planet that seemed very bright. He joked with his girlfriend, saying: ...
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Arizona - Part III
You can take an Evening Sky Tour and enjoy Sedona's clear night skies any time of year, seven days a week. Of course, weather can impact the viewing, so be ...
Dark Sky Astronomy Sites for Visitors to New Mexico - New Mexico ...
New Mexico offers many dark-sky destinations and events. ... The White Sands Star Party combines public viewing and events at the New Mexico Museum of ...
Dark Sky Astronomy Sites for Visitors to Nevada - Southwest US Travel
If you're looking for year round dark-sky viewing in Nevada, then Great Basin National Park is a great choice. It's really remote so be sure you plan ahead and  ...
Texas Dark Sky Astronomy Sites for Visitors - Southwest US Travel
West Texas offers dark-sky views to travelers even as they drive across its wide ... Mt. Locke near Fort Davis in West Texas, began viewing programs in 1934.
Finding Dark Sky Astronomy Sites in Utah - Southwest US Travel
Utah offers three national protected places for the dark sky seekers. ... It seems camping would be the ideal way to fully take advantage of the viewing. However  ...
The Eye In The Sky - Casino Gambling - About.com
Years ago casinos came up with what was called the eye-in-the-sky, to keep an eye ... because they are in charge of much more than just watching the casino.
How To Watch Clouds Form - Formation and Structuew - Weather
Cloud formations in the sky can be seen as you watch clouds form over and over again. The structure of a cloud is created in a process that is small in scale, but ...
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