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UFOs/ Aliens- The Mystery of the Triangle UFOs - UFOs and Aliens
Many feel that the triangle UFO may be a top-secret government craft, still in the experimental stage, and more than likely designed with military implications.
Father and Son Observe Triangle UFO over Lake Michigan
Triangle-shaped UFOs are one of the true enigmas of UFO sightings. These craft seem to be able to move slowly over our landscape without making a sound; ...
UFO Triangles UFOs or Experimental Government Craft
UFO Triangles UFOs or Experimental Government Craft Shapes Sizes Aliens Alien Extraterrestrial Intelligence Conspiracy.
Triangle UFO Seen over Monticello, Minnesota - UFOs and Aliens
In March, 2012, a man spotted a triangle UFO over Minnesota.
1971 UFO Over Bermuda Triangle Story
In 1971, crew members of the USS John F. Kennedy saw a hovering UFO over their ship in the Bermuda Triangle.
2000-Triangle UFO Visits Idaho Mountain
The following UFO case comes from Skywatch International, and the National UFO Reporting Center. A very detailed investigation was done on the experiences ...
Recent Triangle Reports - Triangle Close ... - UFOs and Aliens
Recent reports of Triangle UFOs, close encounters with triangle UFOs.
Triangle UFO in California - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
A triangle UFO was seen by two witnesses on a running track.
Multiple Witnesses See Triangle UFO over Toledo, Ohio
Let's take a look at an intriguing report from Toledo, Ohio. The event occurred on January 5, 1999. For more UFO reports from Ohio go to: 2012 UFO Reports ...
Recent Report of a Triangle in Texas - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Oh, those baffling triangle UFOs. I don't believe that most folks understand just how strange they are. You might say, 'well, it's just a triangle-shaped craft.' Well ...
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