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UFOs/ Aliens- The Mystery of the Triangle UFOs - UFOs and Aliens
Many feel that the triangle UFO may be a top-secret government craft, still in the experimental stage, and more than likely designed with military implications.
UFO Triangles UFOs or Experimental Government Craft
UFO Triangles UFOs or Experimental Government Craft Shapes Sizes Aliens Alien Extraterrestrial Intelligence Conspiracy.
Father and Son Observe Triangle UFO over Lake Michigan
Triangle-shaped UFOs are one of the true enigmas of UFO sightings. These craft seem to be able to move slowly over our landscape without making a sound; ...
Triangle UFO in California - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
A triangle UFO was seen by two witnesses on a running track.
Multiple Witnesses See Triangle UFO over Toledo, Ohio
For more information on triangle-shaped UFOs, see my article: UFO Triangles UFOs or Experimental Government Craft. It also had 1 larger light directly in the ...
2000-Triangle UFO Visits Idaho Mountain
The following UFO case comes from Skywatch International, and the National UFO Reporting Center. A very detailed investigation was done on the experiences ...
Triangle UFO Seen over Monticello, Minnesota - UFOs and Aliens
In March, 2012, a man spotted a triangle UFO over Minnesota.
Still Looking at the Triangles - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
We must remember that in cases of mass sightings of triangle UFOs, the triangle is not the only shape reported. Often, there will also be disc or cigar-shaped ...
Recent Triangle Reports - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
During the last few months, there have been several very credible reports of triangle UFOs. We have previously reported on these cases, as the mystery of these ...
1971 UFO Over Bermuda Triangle Story
A well documented account of a UFO hovering over the USS John F. Kennedy while in the infamous Bermuda Triangle was given to me personally by a crew ...
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