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An Alien Encounter in Turkey from 2001
An alien encounter incident took place in Esme, Usak, Turkey 2001. Three villagers; Fevzi Can, his wife Selma Can and their neighbor Aysel Topaloglu from  ...
Alien Encounter in Mt. Shasta - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Mar 9, 2014 ... Alien Encounter in Mt. Shasta. ... See the full report at Alien Encounter near Mt. Shasta, Oregon, and be sure ... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
Alien Encounter near Mt. Shasta, Oregon
An alien encounter at Mt. Shasta, Oregon. ... Here are a few well-known cases of alien contact you might want to see: The ... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
Alien Encounter - Alien Encountered in Cheatham County, TN
In February, 2010, a woman in Tennessee encountered an alien creature. ... Alien Encountered in Cheatham County, TN ... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
Alien Encounter in Puerto Rico - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
In 2005, a family encountered two alien beings in Puerto Rico. ... Although it cannot be proven at this point, this is more than likely a case of Alien Abduction. The case began on November 10, .... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos · Web Humo...
Disc-Shaped UFO and Possible Alien Encounter in New York
The following account of a disc-shaped UFO seen in New York and possible alien encounter was first submitted to MUFON. The event occurred in the Summer ...
UFO Encounter at Billerica - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
This close encounter reached audiences world wide when the couple reported their story to a ... Alien Encounter-Puerto Rico ... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
UFO Close Encounter in Fayetteville, Arkansas - UFOs and Aliens
A father and daughter have close encounter, describe earlier abduction. ... I know we have been victims of an alien abduction alien abduction at least once in 1999 while driving in a remote wooded area ... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
Man Claims Alien Encounter in South Dakota - UFOs and Aliens
South Dakota man claims encounter with aliens. ... Here are just a few of these cases: Alien Encounter in Puerto Rico, Alien ... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
2009 - Alien Encounter in New South Wales, Australia
In 2009, a woman and her dog encounter a small being. ... 2009 - Alien Encounter in New South Wales, Australia. By Billy .... 20 Hilarious Turkey Day Photos.
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