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Best Documented Cases of Alien Abduction - UFOs and Aliens
In South Ashburnham, Massachusetts on the night of January 25 1967, one of the most celebrated cases of UFO abduction began. Betty Andreasson was ...
1967-The Herbert Schirmer Abduction - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
The red beaming lights were coming through what Schirmer described as " portholes." He could clearly see a disc-shaped, metallic UFO that was hovering about ...
Betty and Barney Hill, 1961: Abducted by Aliens - UFOs and Aliens
In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens in New Hampshire: the flagship of UFO abduction cases.
1968-The Buff Ledge Alien Abductions - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
A valid account of the alien abduction of two teenage counselors comes to us from the ... The UFO was so close now that two beings could be seen through the  ...
1967-The Betty Andreasson Abduction - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
However, we must confront this issue, as it is an integral part of the UFO mystery. Though abduction itself may seem unlikely, some abductions fall into the truly ...
1896-Attempted Alien Abduction-Lodi, California - UFOs and Aliens
In 1896, two men were victims of an attempted abduction in Lodi, California. ... encounter with previously unknown entities, traveling with their UFO in 1896.
The Encounter at Fayetteville, North Carolina - UFOs and Aliens
Triangles; Experimental or Alien · Undocumented UFO Myth & Legend · NASA & ... case of UFO sightings, an alien encounter, and possible alien abduction.
The Alien Abduction Issue - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Disbelievers in the phenomena of alien abduction offer the theory that the alleged ... Just like reporters of UFO sightings, they are also labeled as a "nut.
Police Constable Abducted by Aliens - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
UFOs were chased by police cars, another UFO was sighted in the North Sea, and an unforgettable UFO event took place: the abduction of police constable ...
Alien Abduction in Pleasantville, New Jersey - UFOs and Aliens
Jan 10, 2014 ... Alien Abduction in Pleasantville, New Jersey. ... UFO Crashes & Physical Proof · Alien Abduction Phenomena · Government UFO Coverup & ...
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