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Current UFO Sighting Reports & News - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Current UFO Sighting Reports & News. ... Current UFO Reports. Current UFO Sighting Reports & News. UFOs/Aliens Categories. Timeline of UFO Events ...
UFOs and Aliens
Your source for information on UFOs and Aliens. Includes the early history of UFOs, classic UFO case studies, and current, breaking UFO sighting reports.
Best Documented UFO Case Files - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
In 1949, a series of 10 visual sightings of UFOs occurred in or near Norwood, Ohio. UFOs were sighted by policemen, ministers, newspaper reporters and more.
UFO Websites, UFO News, Research, History & Education
UFO Websites UFO News Research History Education UFOs Aliens Alien Abduction Sightings News Search Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
1965-The Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO Crash - UFOs and Aliens
A UFO crash case that is discussed almost as much as the Roswell crash ... In a very short period of time, the news of the crash had reached television and ...
UFO Landings - The Best Cases - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
Often reported by a single person to a local newspaper or radio station, the accounts of UFO sightings and landings were reported only locally, or regionally, and ...
1878-Denison, Texas UFO - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
In 1878 near the town of Denison, Texas, a farmer sees a UFO. ... The local newspaper, the Denison Daily News reported his sighting in an article on January 25 ...
Missouri Policeman Reports UFO/Alien Sighting - UFOs and Aliens
Missouri Policeman reports UFO and alien sighting. ... Entertainment · UFOs/ Aliens · Current UFO Reports .... Man Gets Worst News Possible on 'Pawn Stars'.
1957-The Levelland, Texas, UFO Landings - UFOs and Aliens
1957, in Levelland, Texas a series of UFO Landings was reported. ... The day after the sightings, the entire city was full of newspaper reporters, and other ...
1965-UFO Lands in Pretoria, South Africa
In 1965, Pretoria, South Africa, two policemen see a landed UFO. ... After the investigation was completed, Lt. Col Brits was interviewed in a Pretoria newspaper.
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