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UFOs and Aliens
Your source for information on UFOs and Aliens. Includes the early history of UFOs, classic UFO case studies, and current, breaking UFO sighting reports.
NASA & UFOs; A History of Sightings - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
UFOs NASA Space Program Apollo Gemini Moon Landing Aliens UFO Photographs Videos Extraterrestrial Intelligence Astronauts.
Visual & Photographic Proof of UFOs - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
The biggest UFO topic lately has been a series of videos of alleged UFOs over the city of Jerusalem, Israel. Let's take a good look at these, and see what we can  ...
UFOs on the Moon 4 - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
There is also a rumored discussion between a professor and Neil Armstrong about the astronauts and UFOs. I have included this question and answer session ...
Do Pilots Report UFOs? - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
There are many cases of airplane pilots reporting and even chasing UFOs. ... Many people believe that UFOs are almost never reported by airplane pilots.
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: UFOs are Real
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell shocked the world with his statements claiming that UFOs are real, and we have been visited by extraterrestrial beings from another ...
UFOs on the Moon 1 - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
UFOs on Moon 1 - www.nasa.gov. First Step on Moon. www.nasa.gov. Summary: Those who believe that there are intelligent extraterrestrial beings who are ...
UFOs and Aliens - Questions and Answers
Some of the most frequently asked questions about UFOs, UFO sightings, alien encounters and other aspects of UFO study.
1952-Washington D. C. Buzzed by UFOs
Summary: The statement that UFOs normally only appear in desolate areas is definitely not true. Especially considering the 1952 buzzing of the White House, ...
The Basics of the Study of UFOs - UFOs and Aliens - About.com
See information on the basic facts of the study of UFOs. From early reports, governmental study groups, and answers to basic questions about UFOs.
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