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Alien Abduction Phenomena

Aliens & Alien Abduction; A Mystery Debated by Scientists & UFO Researchers
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Alien Encounters - 2009 Spate of Alien Encounters
The year of 2009 has seen a spate of alien sightings

The Alien Abduction Issue
Are Alien Abductions Real? Or All in the Mind?

Best Cases of Alien Abduction
Best Cases of Alien Abduction

Do We Desire Alien Contact?
Do We Desire Alien Contact?

Guide's Interview Betty Andreasson Luca
Alien Abduction Betty Andreasson Abductee Interview

Interview with Abductee Becky Andreasson
Interview with Famous Alien Abductee Becky Andreasson

Alan Godfrey Abducted by Aliens
In 1980, Police Constable Alan Godfrey encountered a strange UFO. He became unconscious, later discovering that he was abducted by strange beings

Alien Encounter in Puerto Rico
In 2005, a family encountered two alien beings in Puerto Rico

ET Made Contact with Earthlings?
Have UFOs Made Contact with Earthlings?

1950-Alien Encounter in Varese, Italy
Alien Encountered in Varese, Italy, 1950

1961-The Hill Abduction
In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were abducted by aliens in New Hampshire

1967-The Herbert Schirmer Abduction
Patrolman Herbert Schirmer is abducted in Ashland, Nebraska, 1967

1967-The Betty Andreasson Abduction
1967 in Massachusetts, one of the most bizarre cases of alien abduction took place

1968-The Buff Ledge Abductions
In 1968 at Buff Ledge Camp in Virginia, two teenagers are abducted

1973-The Pascagoula, Mississippi Abductions
1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, two fishermen were abducted by strange beings

1975-Abduction Sergeant Moody
In 1975, Sergeant Charles L. Moody is abducted by alien beings

1975-The Travis Walton Abduction
In 1975, Travis Walton is abducted from an Arizona forest.

1976-The Allagash Abduction
In 1976, An Alien Abduction took place in the Allagash Waterway

1976-Alien Abduction in Kentucky
1976-An Alien Abduction in Stanford, Kentucky

1979-The Dechmont Woods Alien Abduction of Robert Taylor
In 1979 in the Dechmont woods of Scotland, Robert Taylor was abducted by aliens

1983-Alfred Burtoo Abduction
In 1983, Alfred Buckoo was abducted by two alien beings

1985-Abduction of Whitley Strieber
In 1985, one of the most well known alien abductions took place

1987-The Ilkley Moor Alien
In 1987, A Policeman snapped a photograph of an alleged alien creature

1988-The Salter Abduction
In 1988, John Salter and son are abducted by benevolent aliens

1989-The Manhattan Abduction
1989, Manhattan, Linda Cortile Napolitano is abducted from her apartment building

1993-Kelly Cahill Abduction
In 1993, in Australia, 27 year old Kelly Cahill is abducted

The Alien Jigsaw - True Experiences of Alien Abduction
Informational site about alien abduction from a MUFON member

1997-Abduction in Wales
1997, A family is abducted in Wales, amid other sightings of strange craft

Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America
Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America

Alien Contact Case Files
Researcher Albert S. Rosales' Incredible Collection of Over 20 Years of Humanoid & Alien Contact with Humans

Information Resource / Alien Abduction
Information Resources on Alien Abduction

Saucer Crash, Alien Abduction, Military Cover-up
An account of a UFO crash in California

Family Encounters Aliens; UFOs
A case of alien abduction in New Jersey

Possible Alien Abduction in Ohio
An alien abduction occurred in Ohio in 1988

Hunters Alien Abduction in North Bay, Ontario Forest

Mysterious Alien Encounter in Usak, Turkey
alien being encountered turkey

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