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1975-Loring Air Force Base UFO Sightings


Loring AFB UFOs

Loring AFB UFOs

B J Booth


One of the best documented cases of UFOs at a military installation is the Loring Air Force Base UFO sightings in 1975. The case began at 7:45 P.M. on October 27, 1975. Staff Sergeant Danny K. Lewis, who was assigned to hidden weapons, was on duty when he noticed an unidentified flying object about 300 feet above the ground. The craft, with a red navigation light, was coming from the north. Lewis was shocked when the unknown craft entered Loring's official airspace. This case, though not as dramatic as the Bentwaters - Woodbridge landings in 1980 is still an extremely important part of the history of UFOs.

Unknown Craft Is Hailed:

As Lewis was watching the UFO, Staff Sergeant James P. Sampley of the 2192nd Communications Squadron was handling the duties at the base control tower. He got a radar return from the UFO, and calculated it at 10 or more miles east-northeast of the base. Sampley's orders in case of a UFO were to hail the craft through all military and civilian radio bands, which he did. There would be no response from the unknown object. He continued to monitor the return on his screen as the UFO began to circle the base. Ultimately, it moved to within 300 yards of the nuclear storage area, which of course, was highly restricted.

Security 3 Alert Status:

As a result of the craft not identifying itself, and its breach of security guidelines, Loring Air Force Base was put on a Security 3 alert status. The UFO was now only 150 feet above the base grounds. Sampley was called by base security to confirm the object, which he did. Soon, Sergeant Grover K. Eggleston arrived and watched the UFO along with Sampley. The craft was now in a circular flight pattern ten miles from the base. The Wing Commander of the base ordered the grounds searched for any intruders, just in case someone had been deposited from the UFO.

Air Support Requested:

Air support was ordered from Hancock Field in New York, and North Bay, Ontario. Not one of the bases was able, at that time, to answer the order. So intent was Loring's command on identifying the object that they summoned Maine State Police, and airport flight services. The ground search of the base was completed with nothing out of the ordinary found.The UFO would continue to fly around the Loring field for forty more minutes, before if left its course, and took off in the direction of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. At about 12 miles distance from Loring, it left the radar screens.

SAC Alerted:

There were no further incidents for the rest of the night, but the base stayed on alert until the next morning. The base notified Strategic Air Command about the incident. Inconceivably, the very next night at the same exact time, the UFO was back. Lewis was again manning the radar screen, along with Sergeants Blakeslee and Long. The UFO was coming from north of the base, at 3,000 feet. It came to within 3 miles of Loring, sporting orange, red, and white flashing lights. Lewis, Blakeslee, and Long all saw the UFO, and Lewis again reported the object to Loring command.

Two UFOs Spotted:

The Wing Commander went to the nuclear storage area to see the object for himself. He corroborated the sighting of the three officers in the radar room. Tonight though, there would be not one, but two UFOs. A second unknown object was observed by Sergeant Steven Eickner, and others. The group reported an object which was cigar-shaped with lights of orange and red. This second UFO was seen to simply hover in mid-air. Its lights would blink out, and then the object would reappear over the base runway, about 150 feet altitude.

Full-Fledged Flap:

Though the first two nights of UFO sightings would be the most dramatic, the appearance of UFOs did not end there. There would continue to be sighting reports for the rest of the year in the area. Investigations by military and civilian groups yielded no results, at least for public consumption. As information did leak out in time, there could be no doubt that the sightings at Loring Air Force Base were only part of a UFO flap.
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