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Roswell: New Evidence

Roswell: New Evidence


Roswell Crash

Depiction of Roswell Crash

B J Booth
Much attention is being given to a new book, Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60-Year Cover-Up by Thomas J. Carey, and Donald R. Schmitt. The book is offered at a very low price, and if you have an interest in it, now is the time to buy. I would like to point out some of the key points of new facts given in the book.

The most compelling piece of information is from one Walter Haut, who was the Roswell base public information officer. He wrote, under the direction of Colonel Blanchard, the now famous press release that was carried in papers all over the world proclaiming that the Air Force was in possession of a flying saucer. Of course, this was soon retracted.

Haut, now deceased, filled out a notarized affidavit in 2002, to only be opened after his death. This document makes some incredible claims. First of all, reiterating previous oral claims, he states that he actually saw the debris of the crashed flying saucer, and several alien bodies with big heads. This occurred at the now infamous Hangar 84 on July 8. <p>

He also affirms what many Roswell researchers have stated-a second crash site besides the one at the Foster Ranch. The second site allegedly held the main saucer and alien bodies. The northern most site had been found by civilians, and this news was being spread throughout the small town of Roswell.

On July 9, Haut was in attendance at a staff meeting, where members were brought up to speed on the events of the day. Jesse Marcel Sr. and Sheridan Cavitt briefed members on the wreckage at the Foster Ranch, while Blanchard, who had accompanied Haut to the hangar, briefed members on the northern crash site and alien bodies. Haut also states that General Ramey and Colonel Dubose were in attendance. It was at this meeting that battle plans were drawn to debunk the saucer story to the general public.

During this meeting, members were shown and able to handle material picked up from the crash sites. Haut had brought back debris of his own on at least one occasion. Haut also stated that clean-up crews were sent to the crash sites for months to be certain nothing was left behind.

Besides the Haut testimony, several other witnesses of importance are discussed in the book. A Sgt. Frederick Benthal, who was an Army photographer from Washington, D. C. is one of them. He was taken to the site of the dead alien bodies, and photographed them, housed in a tent. The tent was guarded by one PFC Ed Sain, whose son was told that his father was taken to the body site, and ordered to shoot anyone who tried to enter the tent. He also mentions another military policeman, Cpl. Raymond Van Why, who was with Benthal at the site.

Benthal's wife states that he talked about the Roswell event in 1954, after he left the military. He stated that he had been a guard at a crash site, and had actually seen an alien space craft.

Another witness of importance was Sgt. Homer Rowlette, who was a member of the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron. His son and daughter stated that he told them on his deathbed about his involvement in the clean-up detail. He also had handled the famous "Roswell foil." He also claimed to have seen three little bodies with big heads at the scene. He stated that one of the aliens was still alive.

What I have related to you is just a small bit of the vast amount of information in the aforementioned book, and also contained on Internet web sites, message boards, and forums. What are the odds that all of these people are lying, even in affidavits, and on their death beds? The moral of this story is this: Don't give up on Roswell yet. The saga continues...

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