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1992-UFO Crash Southaven Park


UFO Crash Southaven Park

UFO Crash Southaven Park

B J Booth


On March 25, 1993, the South Shore Press published an article concerning a possible UFO Crash that occurred in Southaven Park in the city of Shirley on Long Island, N. Y. Allegedly, the crash occurred just before Thanksgiving Day in 1992. The Long Island U.F.O. Network, led by investigator John Ford, released their report, complete with photographs and video film, which supports the crash of an alien craft on November 24. Six months of investigative work led to the report.

Watching a Plane Crash:

According to Ford:

"We knew that something crashed into the park that night and we have, bit by bit, been able to finally put the picture together."

Ford's group was alerted to the event by several motorists who were driving along Sunrise Highway. They thought that they were watching a plane crash into the Southaven Park. Also residents of the area reported hearing loud rumbling sounds and strange lights in the sky near the park. A fire was reported shortly thereafter.

"They Would Fire Me...":

Interestingly enough, county authorities blocked off all roads leading to the park. The day after the alleged crash, and for several days thereafter, the park was closed to the general public. During this period, one resident of the area reported power surges at his home, with his power intermittently being off and on. The man, whose occupation required he remain anonymous, stated:

"They would fire me if they thought I believed in flying saucers."

Park is Closed Down:

Official records do indicate that Southaven Park was closed between November 25 and 28. The reason given was that the park was being reserved for duck hunting. Another point of suspicion came to light when it was discovered that local Fire Department personnel were not used in the fire fighting efforts, but these duties were handled instead by the federally controlled Brookhaven National Laboratory Fire Department.

High Radiation Readings:

It would be a week before the public was allowed back into the park. Ford remarked:

"We found an area that was burned out and some trees were bent over, a section looked like it had been plowed over by machinery."

The Long Island UFO group also found higher than normal radiation readings in the area. A strange fact was that a metal fence in the park had no magnetic readings at all.

"Something had stripped away the magnetic charge of the fence," Ford stated.

Source of Video Tape Unknown:

Because of the sensitive nature of the happenings in the park, Ford was unable to give a source for the photographs and video film of the alleged search and rescue efforts in the park.

"I can't say where I got it from because these people who supplied the tape are afraid that the government will go after them."

Object Emits White Gas:

The video, according to the South Shore Press, shows people examining a bright reddish, metallic-type object about four-square feet that appears to be emitting a white, cloudy gas, and a hissing sound can be heard-a sight and sound that resembles dry ice that has been exposed to warmer temperatures. The next shot shows what appears to be a person trying to lift up a body near a tree, but the poor quality of the film makes a positive identification impossible.

Ongoing Investigation:

In a final scene, three uniformed men (wearing dark jackets and rounded caps similar to federal swat teams) are seen placing a large shiny spread over something on the ground.

"Things are happening fast and the guy who took the shots doesn't want to be too obvious."

What are Ford's conclusions about the Southaven incident?

"We are still very actively investigating this event. We believe that an extraterrestrial craft, with aliens, crashed that night in the park, and we are out to prove it."


It has been over ten years since the alleged crash in Southaven Park, and we still have not seen any photographs or video of the event. Until that evidence is supplied, the case will remain in the realm of UFO folklore
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