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Classic UFO Case Files

The Best Documented UFO Case Files on Record. See Why UFOs are Real. Here's the Proof!
  1. Best UFO Case Files (38)

Three Strange Experiences in California
An about.com reader relates three extraordinary experiences

UFO - Plane Near Miss
In 1951, a US Navy plane encountered a giant UFO over Newfoundland, Canada

Planes Encounter UFO - 1996
In February, 1996, two airplanes encounter UFOs

Aegean Sea - 1990
In 1990, a rare photograph was taken of an unidentified submerged object

UFO Encounter, North Dakota - Sheriff Files UFO Report
In 2003, the Sheriff of Sheridan County, North Dakota, along with his wife encountered a UFO. He made an official report.

UFOs in Texas - 10 Best Texas UFO Sightings
A discussion of UFOs in Texas - The 10 Best Cases from Texas

UFO Encountered in Amelia, Ohio
Two witnesses describe a close encounter in Ohio

Red, Circular Object Passes US Airways Jet
A passenger on a US Airway jet sees red, circular object pass by

California - Airline Pilot Reports a UFO
An airplane pilot reports a UFO over California

Scientist Reports UFO - Jet Encounter
Fighter Jet Pursues UFO in Oklahoma

UFO Hovers over Ship in the Bermuda Triangle
In 1971, crew members of the USS John F. Kennedy saw a hovering UFO over their ship in the Bermuda Triangle

UFO-Plane Encounter over the North Sea, 1990
UFO Airplane Encounter North Sea 1990 RAF Tornado

Top 4 UFO Sightings of the 1940s
Your guide's choices as the 4 best UFO cases from the decade of the 1940s

Top 4 UFO Sightings of the 1950s
Check out your UFO guide's picks as the best four UFO cases of the 1950s

Top 4 UFO Sightings of the 1960s
See your UFO guide's choices as the four best UFO cases of the 1960s

Top 4 UFO Sightings of the 1970s
Your UFO guide's choice as the best 4 UFO cases of te 1970s

Top 4 UFO Sightings of the 1980s
Your UFO guide takes you through four of the best UFO cases of the 1980s

Top 4 UFO Sightings of the 1990s
Your UFO guide reveals his choice as the four best UFO cases of the 1990s

NICAP; Categorical listing of UFO Cases
Categorical listing of UFO Case Files

UFOs and Ships at Sea
An overview of UFOs seen by ships at sea

Air Force Lt. Col. - UFO Sighting
Air Force Lt. Col. Relates UFO Experience in Florida

Truck Driver Recounts UFO Sighting in Texas
A truck driver describes a 1997 UFO sighting in Texas

Military Pilots Witness Incredible UFO Sighting
Romanian Pilots Reports UFOs

Frightening Close Encounter in the Yukons
UFO Encounter in Yukon

Encounters over Beale Air Force Base

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