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Aegean Sea - 1990

USO Photograph - 1990


Aegean Sea USO - 1990

Aegean Sea - 1990

Erol Erkman
Updated January 18, 2010

The Aegean Sea - 1990

One of the most compelling cases of underwater UFOs comes from the country of Turkey, and occurred on August 15, 1990.

This case is quite unique in that it contains one of the very few photographs of an unidentified object actually under the water. There have been other photos and video taken of UFO in, over, and near water, but none to my knowledge of one under the water.

The photographer was also below the water's surface when he took the photograph. The object was seen in the Aegean Sea, somewhere between Greece and the Turkey.

Two Eyewitnesses

The witness and photographer to this extraordinary event is one Erol Erkman, who was 57 meters deep at the time of the incident, near Saros Bay.

Erkman was engaged in a exploratory dive, looking for a sunken ship. He was accompanied by his friend, named only as a Mr. Kemal.

Erkman states that the two divers had a strange feeling, as if they were being watched by something or someone. Searching for the source of this feeling, they spotted a green light in the distance.

For a time, the object seemed to disappear, but then was again became visible. Erkman believed that the object was making its way around the divers, watching them. They were able to view the object for about three minutes.

A Rare Photograph

Erkman had an older underwater Kodak camera, and took a shot of the object. Almost immediately, the green light went out. At this time, the divers' oxygen was running low, and they began to ascend to the surface.

The object was so small in the processed image that Erkman had it enlarged 300 times to get a good look at the object. It appears to be a disc-shaped object, with the green light visible.

What was this strange object? A UFO?, some type of submarine? an experimental craft? We may never know for certain.

The original report of this incident was filed by Sefer Murat Aksoy, B.A. & M.S., Independent UFO Researcher of Turkey.

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