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UFO Encountered in Amelia, Ohio

UFO Encountered in Amelia, Ohio



On January 12, 2004, a UFO encounter occurred in Amelia, Ohio, in Clermont County. The incident was witnessed by three individuals, and began at 2:58 AM. This strange event would eventually be investigated by Donnie Blessing, Southern Ohio State Section Director of MUFON.

In the wee hours of the morning, 21-year-old student Susan T., along with her neighbor Jeff F., were in Susan's driveway, when their attention was drawn to an object in the sky. Susan would describe the object as disc shaped with a hump on top. As she watched the object, it appeared to "drop" from the sky to a certain point, hovered, and then began to drop again.

Eventually, the UFO would drop below tree line level, at which point Susan could no longer see it. She gave a description of the object:

Susan's Description

Susan stated that the object she saw must have had a "million lights," along with a red light on the top of the hump that rotated. White lights adorned the "bottom" of the UFO. It was difficult to describe the exact shape of the object as it make turns which made it appear to be changing shape before her eyes.

During the time that she watched the object, she felt that she was being watched, and she became very frightened. This "feeling" is often associated with a UFO sighting. She had, along with her neighbor, sat in a truck and watched the object for over an hour. It was 4:15 AM, when they lost sight of it below the tree line.

Bizarre Occurrence

Susan and Jeff both saw an almost unbelievable thing happen. After the UFO disappeared, they saw what they could only describe as a "shadow" on the roof of the house. This shadow turned into a ball, and rolled down the roof, and disappeared behind the house.

They two eyewitnesses were not frightened by what they had just seen. They could not stand to look for the object any longer, and give up the sight, going into the house. She also said that the dogs in the neighborhood were very upset during the time of the sighting.

Jeff's Account

Susan's neighbor and corroborating witness Jeff gave his personal account to Blessing. His testimony only went to strengthen Susan's story.

Jeff was 45-years-old, and disabled. He affirmed that he and Susan had watched the unknown object for over an hour as they sat in his truck in Susan's driveway. He also stated that he saw the object drop, hover, and drop again until they lost sight of it.

Jeff said the dropping sequence was very fast, and he also saw the rotating red light on the top of the hump or cupola. He elaborated on the disappearance of the object, and sighting of the ball.

A "light tannish, brown shadow turned into a ball about the size of a cantaloupe" and rolled down Susan's roof, he said.

"This happened so fast it was unbelievable."

Blessing's Findings

Blessing found that the two witnesses' stories were almost identical, with only slight descriptive variances. He stated that Susan was upset for quite some time after the sighting, and had trouble sleeping.

Blessing viewed the description of the shadow on the roof as extremely bizarre, but states that both witnesses were sincere about what they saw. The term "shadow" was used only because it was the best way the two witnesses could describe what they had seen.

Through a telephone inquiry of the neighborhood, one more possible witness was found. A resident from a few blocks away for Susan's house saw a very bright object in the western sky, during the same time that Susan and Jeff had their sighting. The witness only saw the object for a couple of minutes, stating that it was a very bright object above the tree line.

The sighting is a real mystery. There could be a reasonable explanation for object seen in the sky, however, the so-called shadow on the roof, and ball are all part of this strange encounter. At this time, no plausible explanation can be found.

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