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UFOs and Ships at Sea

Ocean Vessels and UFOs


Depiction of UFO at Sea

UFO at Sea

Billy Booth
Updated August 01, 2010

An Introduction

It is an accepted fact that UFOs have always had an attraction to the lakes and oceans of our planet. One of the most accepted explanations for this attraction is that UFOs have bases under water.

Another theory is that UFOs use water as part of their navigation system, or other important ship function.

Being in our oceans, of course, gives them the freedom of wide open spaces. They can maneuver, and come and go at will, with little chance of being seen by human eyes.

On rare occasion, however, they do make themselves known, either purposely, or inadvertently, and are seen by crew members of various boats, submarines, airplanes, and ships working in the waters of planet Earth.

It would be very interesting to know how many times ocean vessels, submarines, or even planes at sea have seen these unknown flying objects.

We have many reports by individuals who have encountered UFOs over lakes and oceans, and a much larger percentage of these are reported as opposed to sightings by ocean going vessels.

There is no doubt that there have been ship and submarine encounters with UFOs, but coming under the auspices of military and governments, these accounts have been filed away in government top secret files, forever hidden from public access and knowledge.

Fortunately, we do have information on a few of these encounters, usually related at a later time by a crew member who feels that sufficient time has elapsed that they do not worry about threats that were made to them many years ago.

Some of these stand out as irrefutable proof of the existence of unknown flying objects, often exhibiting flight properties far beyond what our current technology allows.

Here are some brief descriptions of some of these reports.

1952 - Operation Mainbrace Sightings

In 1952, an enigmatic series of UFO sightings and encounters occurred during a NATO operation called "Operation Mainbrace." Including multitudes of personnel, planes, and ships, it was the largest such operation to that date.

On September 13, the first UFO sighting of the operation was made from the Danish destroyer "Willemoes," operating north of Bornholm Island. Several crew members spotted a triangular-shaped UFO moving at high speed.

On September 19, another report of a UFO was made from a British Meteor aircraft which was returning to the airfield at Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England.

The object was seen by several ground personnel, who described a disc-shaped, silver object which was rotating on its axis. It soon sped away.

On September 20, another sighting was made from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt. A silver, spherical object was seen and photographed by crew members. Thi photo has never been made public.

Among those who were allowed access to the color photographs was Air Force Project Chief, legendary Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, who made the following statement:

"[The pictures] turned out to be excellent... judging by the size of the object in each successive photo, one could see that it was moving rapidly."

One photograph was posted in Project Blue Book, but it was of poor quality and had no value as evidence. Operation Mainbrace would continue to produce numerous UFO sightings.

1966 - USS TIRU Encounters UFO

In 1966, the USS TIRU SS-416 submarine was moored to a civilian pier in Seattle, Washington. The sub was part of the Rose Festival, and was harbored for public touring.

The TIRU's UFO encounter occurred during its trip from Pearl Harbor in route to Seattle, when the port lookout noticed a strange object about 2 miles away. Several crew members were alerted, and confirmed the sighting of a metallic craft, larger than a football field.

The object flew into the sea, soon emerged, and went into the clouds. There was also radar confirmation of the sighting. All in all, at least five crew members saw the unknown flying object, and photographs were taken, but have not been made public.

1968 - Panamax Bulk Carrier GRICHUNA

The GRICHUNA was loaded with coal when it left South Carolina in route to Japan in 1968. Our witness, a second officer, was on night watch on the 0000 - 0400 hours shift as the vessel was off the coast of Florida.

Seas were calm, and the GRICHUNA was making about 15 knots with good visibility. The officer was on the ship's port side, watching the lights of Palm Beach. Suddenly, he was distracted by lights under the water.

The strange lights were about 10-15 meters deep, and 30-40 meters from the ship. The object was similar to an airplane, except it had no wings or tail. The officer could plainly see windows on the craft.

This ruled out the possibility of it being a naval submarine. Although there were some tourist subs with windows, they would not be operating at night.

The officer also stated that the object was moving at a speed much greater than any of our subs could manage at that time.

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