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Famous UFO Cases


See some of the most famous cases in the history of UFOs. Physical trace evidence, photographic proof, and eyewitness testimony make these cases unparalled in the study of UFOs and alien technology. You will find irrefutable evidence supporting the claim that UFOs really do exist.
  1. Documented Cases
  2. Alien Contact
  3. The Roswell Crash

Documented Cases

Follow the evidence submitted by eyewitnesses who have seen UFOs firsthand. See reports by seasoned researchers as they prove that the truth really is out there.

Alien Contact

Hear the evidence that aliens do exist. These cases are among the best cases of human beings coming in contact with beings from another world.

The Roswell Crash

The crash of an alien vehicle near Corona, New Mexico, in 1947, is the cornerstone of the study of UFOs, and the belief in extraterrestrial intelligence. More than 500 witnesses attest to the validity of the Roswell crash, with many of them first hand. There are a number of individuals who claimed to have actually seen alien bodies, despite claims by our government that nothing more than a secret balloon project was involved. No UFO case has been studied more, and investigations into this controversial event continue even today.

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