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Mother and Daughter Encounter UFO over Alabama

Triangle UFO over Alabama


Out of Nowhere

At 8:05 PM this past Tuesday night, my daughter (who is 11 years old), and I were driving home from a friend's house. We live in Cleveland, Alabama, and were taking our normal route on Highway 79 North from Locust Fork.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I spot what I at first assume to be an airplane very low just above the tree tops over some houses just to the right of the highway. My first thought was, "It's going to hit that house!"

I make the comment to my daughter, "What is that thing falling out of the sky?" I inform her to immediately roll her window down and get every detail she possibly can, as I was stopping in the middle of the highway to view this.

Iridescent Coloring

It happened very quickly, but in enough time for the two of us to both see what we later explained perfectly in sync. To me it appeared kind of see-through, or iridescent coloring, but also with some gray. My daughter said she definitely saw the gray coloring.

It was so low and I was trying to convince me and her of anything rational or logical that it could be. However the word "airplane" NEVER came out of our mouths. We only saw it briefly.

There was very LITTLE noise, not like any normal noise that would have come from anything right there at us that should have been normally flying over houses in the sky.

Not an Airplane

We actually did not speak a lot during this entire event. I guess out of shock. I was trying to be very rational / logical. I looked at my daughter and asked, "What did we just see?" She says "Definitely NOT an airplane, mother quit trying to explain it, this is a UFO."

We had never even talked about UFOs before. Then we proceeded to discuss exactly what we had seen. It was very important to me to not ask her leading questions. I just wanted to make sure one or both of us were not insane. We both agreed it was of a triangular shape.

Multi-Colored Lights

We both saw a lot of blue, green, and red lighting, with prominent light on all 3 corners, mostly blue and green, no cockpit, no tail, no nose. It was a pyramid-like shape, with the point at the top. It was not very big - I would say the size of a small, normal size plane.

As fast as we saw it and it was over the tree tops, it then completely turned and flew off into the night sky at a pace so fast that before we knew it, it was already up in the sky.

However we NEVER lost sight of this thing. We were so mesmerized we couldn't bring ourselves to go on home. We would start to and then say, "No, we have to go back and watch this thing."

Of course I had no camera, and was tempted to call someone, but I felt crazy to do so. After pulling off the road into a church parking lot, we watched this stay in the sky for 30 minutes. In the sky we could not make out the shape any longer, but could see the changing blue, green, and red lights flashing.

Making Drawings

Eventually, we had to leave to get home because of how late it was getting. I regret not going back that night. The minute we arrived home, I tell her, "Let's go in separate rooms and draw as good as we can what we saw."

We did, it is amazing, I have the drawings, they were virtually the same things. My 18-year-old daughter was home, and immediately looked at our pictures and got on line.

After pouring over hundreds of photos of aircraft, and UFO pictures, the only two that we could remotely see a resemblance to was the stealth fighter plane look, or a triangular shaped UFO that was spotted over Belgium at one time.

I'm just stating the degree of difficulty in trying to find something that looked even similar. I have since been back to this exact spot, but have not seen anything unusual. Also I have been asking around because several of my friends live right there close to where we saw it.

Felt UFO Presence

There was only one person who claimed she and her children FELT, not heard or saw, something that felt like their house was going to explode about 8:00 that night.

She lives very close to where it happened. Let me say that I am a highly trained educated professional in the counseling field who has never believed in UFOs, nor did my daughter.

I have never seen anything like this in my life. We are just country living, hard working, average Joes who until now have never intentionally looked to the sky to view anything out of the ordinary but rest assured we will from now on!

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