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UFO Transported on Dallas Freeway - Was a UFO Transported on Dallas Freeway?

Was a UFO Transported on Dallas Freeway?


Riding Down Interstate 20

On August 10, I received an e-mail from a reader in Texas. He told me a strange story that I would like to share with our readers.

Our reporter was driving in the Dallas / Ft.Worth area on August 7, and listening to a radio station from Irving, a suburb of Dallas.

Between 9:00 and 9:30 PM, numerous callers began phoning the station with reports of a strange sight on Interstate 20, which runs between Dallas and Ft. Worth. They described a surreal scene - a large, flatbed truck was carrying what appeared to be a UFO on its trailer.

The 18-wheeler was being escorted by what appeared to be military vehicles, and they were flanked by Dallas Police Department vehicles and personnel. When the local station went to commercial, our reporter quickly changed stations. Callers were also phoning in this report to the second station.

In the immediate vicinity of the entourage, incoming ramps to the freeway were closed. Some of the callers who got close enough to see the parade of vehicles, stated that the large UFO was putting off steam or smoke.

One driver, who was escorted to the side of the highway, managed to take two photographs with his cell phone. The photos are not clear, and taken from a distance. I have included a small version of the best of the two.

What the Callers Saw

What exactly were these people seeing that night? There have been several similar reports to this one from Dallas, one from Russia, and one from Mexico. These died rather quickly for lack of evidence, and are generally considered to be hoaxes.

There is also the well known Kecksburg, Pennsylvania Crash, in which residents saw a tarp-covered, large object being moved through town at night.

Witnesses to the Wales Crash described a large, unknown object loaded on a tractor trailer.

And only recently, an eyewitness saw a large helicopter with a sky hook removing an object that allegedly crashed near Needles, California.

There are a number of other pieces of evidence that might make a case for the sightings on I-20. One of the radio stations receiving the reports has been identified as 97.9 The Beat - Call Letters KBFB. This of course, only confirms that the reports were made.

Just the Facts, Please

There is a rumor going around some message boards that the station was ordered not to replay audio recordings of the callers, and not to discuss the incident. If this fact could be confirmed, it would certainly go a long way toward proving that the military and / or police are trying to hide something. But what?

If we assume that in fact the callers reported a true event, and a large, unknown object was transported down the Dallas freeway, that only goes so far. Then we must ask, "What was this large object?"

The object could have been some type of large, industrial power equipment. Or, it could been a large water or gasoline storage tank.

It could have been some type of heavy military equipment, which would have to have been moved slowly, thereby slowing down traffic on the freeway to a crawl.

Or, it could have been a UFO.

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