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Orange Glowing UFO over Panama City Beach, Florida

Orange Glowing UFO over Panama City Beach, Florida


Drawing, Panama City Beach, Florida

Witness Drawing of Object

Panama City Beach, Florida-January 14, 2009

This just happened about 15-30 minutes ago, at about 3:30 AM. I was standing in my kitchen getting some water when I heard what sounded like a washing machine.

The sound got louder and louder. Then it sounded like a jet was landing on my street!

I ran outside and watched a large orange glow and a white blinking light just above it fly towards the west. I just stood there and watched it until it was out of sight, because of the condos.

I didn't have time to grab the camcorder because the object's speed was pretty fast. I only had about 10 seconds to watch it.

I waited to see if there were any blinking or stationary wing lights, but I didn't see any-just the orange one and the blinking white light.

The sound was strange. I didn't think it was a plane or jet. I thought it was something on TV until it roared overhead. I keep trying to make sense of it and explain it.

All I know is that if I hear a washing machine sound again, I'm grabbing the camcorder.

Check out the picture I made of it. What could it be? Who knows?... maybe it was just a jet but then again...

Submitted by about.com reader, Stormchaser

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