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Aliens in Georgia - Three Aliens Seen at Georgia Campsite

Aliens Spotted in Georgia


A Walk in the Woods

A recent report of the sighting of three alien beings has been made to the MUFON organization. The event occurred on August 30, 2009, in a forest campsite in Georgia. A man and his wife were involved, with the wife having the clear view of the beings. She made the official report.

On Sunday morning about 4:00 AM, the woman woke up, needing to go to the bathroom. They were not far from a park-provided facility with restrooms and showers.

It was totally dark, except for the lights from the facility, and a lantern at the couple's campsite. She made it to the bathroom, and then began walking back to their tent.

Somebody's Watching Me

She got the strange sensation that someone was behind her. Turning around, she was utterly shocked to see not one, but three, gray alien beings standing in the woods behind the restroom. They were not far from another campsite.

Her mind told her that these must be humans. But why would the people from the second campsite be standing in the woods at 4:00 AM? Then one of them turned and looked straight at her.

This Was No Human

She knew for a fact now that this was no human being. The being had long arms hanging from his extra thin body. The alien's skin was pale, and his bump-filled head seemed too large for his body. The being also had large, black eyes.

The witness was also taken back by the shortness of the aliens. They were a couple of inches shorter than she, who was 5'3" tall. The alien that had spotted her began to move in her direction.

She quickly began to run back to the tent, yelling at her husband, "There's (expletive) aliens back there!"

The Aftermath

After calming his wife down for a time, he headed back down the path to the restrooms to see if he could discover anything about what she had seen. He could find nothing unusual.

Later in the day, the man and his wife went into a restless sleep. At one time, the husband was awakened when he thought he saw a shadowy figure move outside the tent.

Eventually, the two drove back home, still pondering what happened in the woods that early morning. One important fact cannot be denied. The woman, awake, alert, and sane, saw three beings that were not human.

What can be made of this report? Either, some type of alien beings were seen, or the woman, who remains anonymous, wanted to file a bizarre report for reasons unknown.

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