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Missouri UFO Sightings

Missouri - UFO Wave


Depiction of Missouri sighting

Depiction of Missouri sighting

Billy Booth
First Report - 11-06-09 The Missouri UFO Sightings of October continued into the month of November. Several reports were made, with three being very detailed and significant. Our first report was filed by the MUFON Assistant State Director, and occurred on November 6.

As he left his office building at 6:30 PM, it was dark outside. He began to admire the beautiful, night sky, especially one section to the west / southwest. Seemingly, he was drawn to this portion of the sky, and soon saw a very bright object.

The object was twice as bright as the planet Venus, and about five times bigger. The object appeared to be just sitting in the sky, and it began to flash lights on and off.

After this sighting, he drove back home, but about two hours later, another object appeared in the northern sky. The UFO was moving to the north, and left very quickly, leaving a trail of light behind.

Second Report - 11-06-09

The witness was on his backyard deck with his six-year-old daughter, after mowing his lawn. It was now dark, and about the same time as our first report. It was an unusually warm 71 degrees. As he gazed into the sky, he saw an extremely bright object.

His daughter Rebekah remarked, “Look, there’s the first star tonight.” Rebekah liked to wish upon the first star each night.

As they continued to watch the "star," our witness noticed something very unusual. Instead of sitting stationary, the unknown object began to move in an "S" shape, covering about a mile. The UFO was moving to the north. Its speed surpassed that of standard airplane. He waited for the object to reappear, but it did not.

He called his wife, who was in the house, to come outside, and began to tell her about his sighting. His conclusions on what he had seen were that the object could not be an airplane, because there were no navigational lights.

Also, he concluded that the object could not have been falling star, since it had no trail. The witness spent 8 years in the US Air Force, and is well educated in identifying flying craft. He could not think of any type of flying object that would match what he had seen.

At approximately 6:05 PM, my wife, Fiona, had come outside with my daughter. I calmly told her of the incident. Fiona did not know what to make of my sighting, but chose to stay outside with me.

Third Report - 11-06-09

When his wife, Fiona, had come outside to hear about his sighting, she decided to stay for a time. Unbelievably, about 15 minutes later, a second object appeared, this time right above the house. The object was even brighter than the first one, probably because it was much lower in altitude. Both husband and wife watched the UFO.

The witnesses described the second object as appearing for about 30 seconds. It seemed to pulsate as it descended into an arc-type flight path, now moving to the north/ northeast. It slowly faded into the night sky, and though the man and wife waited, the object did not return.

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