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Missouri UFO Sightings

Missouri - UFO Wave


UFO over Missouri

UFO over Missouri

name withheld by request


As the wave of sightings over Michigan seemed to fade, it seems that a spate of reports over Missouri has taken their place. There have been about 10 reports in the last couple of weeks, with four them being very detailed.

First Report - 10-24-09

The first report of significance was of a sighting on 10-24-09. A motorist who was traveling to a friend's house made a stop at a major intersection. Soon, he noticed a bright, single white oval light coming toward his location. He wrote this off as a commercial jet.

As he watched the craft, he noticed a green navigational light on one of its wings. But, as the craft moved behind some trees, and then reemerged, the light was now white! The object's path caused it to show its underside. He could now clearly see a perfect, isosceles triangle.

The UFO was lit with white lights, a red blinking light, and had a red glow around it. The object then banked slowly toward the north, and all of the white lights began to blink. At this point, a vehicle ahead of him slammed its brakes on. Our witness barely avoided a collision.

The incident occurred near St.Louis, and the reporter is certain that other witnesses exist. The weather at the time was slightly cloudy in a night sky. His report was made to MUFON.

Second Report - 10-30-09

Six days later, on 10-30-09, also in St.Louis, another unknown object was reported by a lady who had picked up her father to take him to the bank. She waited in her vehicle for her father to return. The day was partly cloudy, and the time was about 4:45 PM.

She rolled her window down to enjoy the nice weather. Then she noticed an object moving her way from behind her. She could clearly see the object was black, and bigger than an airliner. It was slowly moving underneath the cloud cover. As she got a good view, she was shocked to see its true shape.

There were two triangles, one small one in the front, and the larger in the rear. The two triangles were connected to one another with a rod. She watched the object for a full five minutes, as it made its way south / southwest. She believes that if this object had been seen at night, it could easily be seen as two smaller triangles, instead of one.

A few days later, she related her sighting to her fiancé, and he found a very similar sighting - our first report in this article. The sightings in Missouri continue with Missouri Wave, November.

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