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UFO Encounter in Nevada - Teenagers Encounter UFOs in Nevada

UFO Encounter in Nevada


Military Activity near Fallon

Recently, in the state of Nevada, near the Fallon Naval Station, two teenagers, a male and female, had a close encounter with three unknown flying objects, and have reported a possible "missing time" scenario. The events of this case are being investigated by the MUFON group.

The Naval Air Station Fallon is located only about 7 miles from the city of Fallon, and is an air to air, and air to ground training facility. All of the residents of Fallon and the surrounding area are quite familiar with the frequent military aircraft activity in the area.

After driving around for a time in the desert, night fell, and the two witnesses decided to make their way back home. Soon, they saw three lighted objects in the distance. The objects appeared to be flying as a group. Thinking that they were seeing vehicles from the Naval Station, they were excited by the opportunity to possibly see some top-secret aircraft.

Object Appears to Crash

Suddenly, the three flying vehicles began to break formation, and one of them appeared to be going to crash, as its path took it straight to the ground. It disappeared from view, as the other two continued their flight moving closer to the two witnesses.

The two teenagers began to drive as to come closer to the two remaining vehicles. Soon, the two blasted past them, and then repeated this maneuver. With a closer view of the objects, the witnesses hoped they could identify the vehicles, but they could not. They were unlike anything they had seen before.

Object Flies Close

One of the two remaining craft seemed to show an interest in the two eyewitnesses, and flew past them, getting closer all the while. They parked their truck, and as the object made a close run at them, they could clearly see that the unknown object was hovering over them. It was totally silent.

The two decided to plug in their spotlight to see if they could get the attention of the UFO. They were parked on a dirt road, next to a water canal. They put their hands over the light to cause a strobe effect. About five minutes passed as they continued to signal the hovering craft.

During this time, the two witnesses were mesmerized by the closeness of the object, and its total silence. They attempted to photograph the UFO with a cell phone camera, but because of the quality of the camera, nothing would show in the view finder. The two teens were becoming more and more frightened with one UFO hovering close by, and the second one in the distance, as if it was watching what was happening.

A Sense of Lost Time

During this time period, the witnesses feel that they lost time. Their next memory was continuing their journey home, and as they did, the UFO slipped behind them, as if to shadow them.

The UFOs finally dropped off as the two motorists reached a black top road, and headed home. The female witness stated that after she arrived home, she stood outside watching the skies. As she did, a C-130 flew overhead, but it was nothing like what they had seen hovering over them in the desert.

The objects they observed were black, and would have been almost invisible, except for a row of lights. The lights were only seen when the UFOs were head on to them. Five lights in a row could clearly be seen at that time. The female witness drew a picture for her father, who called Fallon Navy Station asking them what, if anything they had in the air. They confirmed the C-130, but nothing more.

Second Trip to Sighting Location

The male witness took his father with him and revisited the area of the sighting. There were now helicopters with spotlights on the ground, and trucks with spotlights driving through the area. A black SUV was also seen at the site. Men were seen walking around with spotlights, searching for something.

The two witnesses do not know exactly what they saw that night in the desert of Nevada, but are hoping for some kind of answer. They feel that what they witnessed is proof positive that we are not alone in our universe.

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