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Motorist Reports Possible UFO Landing in New Hampshire

Possible UFO Landing in New Hampshire


Disc-Shaped Object

The following report of an alleged landing of a UFO has been released the second week of December, 2008. The unknown object was not seen on the ground, per se, yet four projections from the bottom of the craft indicate that the object had been on the ground, and was lifting off.

The eyewitness to the event was driving from his office in Londonderry, New Hampshire to his home in Andover, Massachusetts on November 5, 2008.

100 Feet Above Ground

The witness was on Route 93, which runs between Boston, and the northern part of New Hampshire, traveling about 65 miles/per/hour. Traffic was fairly light, when the motorist happened to look into the sky, and see an unbelievable sight: a flying disc-shaped object which was hovering about 100 feet above the ground. The sun had not set yet.

The saucer-like object was just off to the side of the highway, and appeared to be about 75 feet in diameter, and up to 25 feet in height.

Atop of the craft was a traditional dome, either of glass or a similar material. This compartment is normally associated with a control or observation deck for crewmen.

Dome Top Seen

The witness could not see anyone in the dome, but could clearly make out four extensions from the bottom of the object, which were obviously landing legs. The fact that the legs were extended make one surmise that the object had been landed, and was now lifting itself from the ground.

The witness stated that the object was swaying from side to side. He thought the unknown object might be some type of advertising balloon or blimp that was created to appear to be a UFO. He abandoned this theory after recalling that there were no stores or businesses anywhere near the area of the sighting.

The witness attempted to get a closer look at the UFO by slowing down, but unfortunately, a group of nearby trees prevented a clear view of the object. Traveling on until he could get a good view, he looked back, but the object was nowhere to be seen.

Never in his life had he seen anything even close to what he saw on November 5, 2008, and is seeking anyone who may have also spotted the disc-like object. The entire sighting lasted about 8-9 seconds.

Report submitted through MUFON

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