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Triangle Sighting near Norman, Oklahoma-Was Couple Abducted by Aliens?

Triangle Sighting near Norman, Oklahoma-Was Couple Abducted by Aliens?


A man and his wife were driving, just having passed Norman, Oklahoma, on December 12, 2008, and having taken a wrong turn, they found Highway 9, a small road that would take them back to Highway 44.

The traffic at the time was heavy, with motorists running at a high speed. Our driver were keeping up with the flow of traffic, when his wife suddenly said, "What is that?"

He looked up to where his wife was pointing, and saw a very surprising sight: a line of white lights, book-marked on each end by orange lights. At least, that is what it first appeared to be. The witness knew something was odd, however, because his wife was what he called an "Army brat," and was familiar with almost every type of flying object there was.

As he continued to gaze at the sight, the UFO turned, showing its bottom, and immediately its shape became very clear. It was triangle-shaped, with an orange light at each corner, and a blue-white light in the very center.

There was ample light in the area to clearly see the object's center light pulse, getting brighter as it did. A military helicopter was also present, flying between the witnesses and the triangle UFO.

A very strange sight was soon seen: five or six round, orange lights on the horizon, which appeared and then disappeared in a second. In answering a question on his sighting report as to how he lost sight of the UFO, he stated that the details of the appearance of the orange orbs was very vague to him.

As they drove on, they felt that the sightings were behind him, but they were mistaken. They had been driving since 7:00 AM, when they left Knoxville, Tennessee, and the driver was a clock watcher, always projecting his arrival time. He had last looked at his watch at 9:40. He estimated they would arrive at their home by 11:00.

His wife also took medication, and was always aware of the time. They had seen the craft at about 10:28, and her next meds were to be taken after they arrived home. She last checked her time at 9:40, at about the time of the sighting, which meant they had lost about 48 minutes of their lives at the time of the appearance of the triangle UFO, and the strange distant orbs.

It seemed that they had been in heavy traffic one moment, and suddenly they were the only car on the road. They put their heads together to try to understand what exactly had happened to them on their journey home. They could find no reasonable explanation.

There can be no doubt that the man and his wife saw a triangle-shaped UFO, and strange orange orbs, and somehow lost 48 minutes of time. What could have caused this anomalous occurrence? Were the two victims of alien abduction? Can these lost minutes be reclaimed?

This case will no doubt receive more investigation. Should any new information become public on the strange happenings of December 12, I will update this report.

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