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North Dakota Lights

Death in North Dakota


Reader Relates North Dakota Sighting

An about.com reader of our site has sent an interesting report of a an incident that her brother and two other men had on 10-09-09 in the southern part of North Dakota.

While on a hunting trip, they were gazing at the night sky, when they spotted unknown lights. The lights were about the size of a standard garbage can lid from their perspective. There was a line of 4 lights which blinked randomly.

One light would blink, then three, then two. As the hunters passed underneath the lights, they could see that whatever was producing the lights was stationary.

Sighting Connected to Deaths?

Ironically, this was the same night that 3 college women were found dead in their submerged sport utility vehicle on a North Dakota farm. Strangely, mysterious calls for help were sent. The calls, according to police reports, were strange and garbled, and a triangulation of their last calls helped the authorities determine search parameters.

The three were reportedly in the middle of a star gazing trip, but wound up in 10 feet of water, their vehicle and windows locked up. A dog belonging to one of the women was also dead in the vehicle.

The women were only about 45 minutes west of where the hunters saw the unknown lights. One of the witnesses surmised that possibly the women had seen the same unknown lights, and unaware of their surroundings, wound up in the pond, and panicked. But why?

He added: "... it was a full moonlit night, and they would have had to see the pond. The tire tracks went straight in - no braking or sliding."

Theory Plausible

It's a theory as to why they wound up dead in their submerged vehicle. Being excited about seeing the lights, and little or no traffic on the road, they probably were not paying attention, and plunged into the water.

The hunters' sighting occurred 3 miles west of McIntosh, South Dakota. The city sits on the border between North and South Dakota. It is conceivable that the hunters and the 3 college women both saw the same object, or objects.

A friend of one of the three women was told they were going on a star gazing trip, which was often their choice for a night out.

Unless further information is made known, we can only speculate that the women may have seen the lights of a UFO, or being in a lonely, desolate area, they may have been abducted.

Information for this report was sent by Tina from Hamburg. If you have any additional information on this case, please let us know.

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