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UFO Reports from Tennessee

Tennessee UFO Reports


Photographed by Tennessee Truck Driver

Photographed by Tennessee Truck Driver


Beginning on 10-15-09, the state of Tennessee became the site of a series of UFO sighting reports, including one from a truck driver who photographed a strange object from his truck, and another from a pilot who saw a UFO from the cockpit of his plane.

Tennessee - 10-15-09

The truck driver, who remains anonymous, was traveling at about 60 mph, when he saw a glowing, unknown object just above a nearby, tree-covered hill.

The driver knows that what he saw is out of the ordinary, and is not sure whether the object was emitting some type of camouflage, or if the object itself was some type of energy. He used a telephoto lens to photograph the eerie unknown.

Tennessee - 11-23-09 A second sighting of significance was reported by a man who saw an unidentified object moving west to east over a nearby river. At first, he thought it might be a helicopter, but the object was producing no sound.

The witness could clearly see two sets of red lights underneath the object - three lights in each set, one in the front, the other in the back. There were also white lights on its right side.

The witness estimated that the object was only about 600 feet altitude, and moving at about 20 mph. The UFO appeared to be following the river until it eventually flew out of the witness' view. Though planes and helicopters often cross the river, he has never seen one fly the river's route.

Tennessee - 11-24-09

Another sighting report was made by a pilot. He was watching the overhead plane activity at the MEM airport when he noticed something strange in the skies - a diamond-shaped craft traveling at Mach 1- 1.5. The object made not a sound as it crossed the sky.

The pilot, who has been flying about nine years, states that he was looking north in the city of Cordova, when he saw the unknown flying object. The object was streaking east to west. He could see dull, white lights which never blinked, or strobed.

As he passed below some departing planes, he could see that the object was the size of a football field. His report has been submitted to MUFON for further study.

Tennessee - 11-25-09

Another resident of Tennessee, who is a plane watcher, was enjoying his hobby, when he noticed what he thought were two, bright stars. The two objects were much brighter than a normal star.

The objects were moving from north to east, and traveling side by side, but eventually wound up with one behind the other. The distance between the two unknowns never varied.

The witness could see lights on the objects, but they never blinked. He attempted to get video footage of the UFOs, but the results were disappointing.

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