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Shape-Changing UFO over Texas

Two Witnesses See UFO over Texas


Updated February 28, 2010

A Lonely Road at Night

Here is a very bizarre, yet interesting UFO report from Texas that I received recently. Every once in awhile, you see an account similar to this one, where witnesses describe a UFO that exhibits several shapes.

The sighting occurred on February 26, 2010, while the witnesses were driving from Port Arthur to Houston, in Chambers County. After visiting a sick relative in Port Arthur, the two witnesses were driving home. It was late at night, and the road was lonely and dark.

"There are UFOs around here."

Suddenly the driver yelled out, "See, I told you that there are UFOs around here!" The passenger immediately looked through the windshield, and saw strange lights - a flying object, or objects, which glowed several colors. She would later describe the object as a rhomboid shape.

At first, the two motorists were not sure if they were seeing one object with many colors, or a number of objects flying very close together. They rolled down the car windows to make sure they weren't seeing a reflection.

A Sudden U-Turn

Finally, the passenger opened the sun roof, stuck her head out, and remarked: "Wow! that’s no reflection! That’s a real UFO!" The object quickly made a U-turn, and was now traveling in the same direction as their vehicle.

While the driver paid most of his attention to the road, the passenger continued to keep a watchful eye on the amazing lights following them. Now, the two witnesses were frightened, and sped up to try to outrun the lights, driving at up to 100 mph at times.

The strange light configuration did not keep a constant pace: it would speed up, slow down, giving the impression of getting larger, then smaller. When it fell behind for a brief period, it would then catch back up in an instant.

So mesmerized by the object/objects following, the passenger stated that she felt her mind could not take in everything she was seeing - the constant changes in colors, shapes, and speeds. The driver asked her to stop staring at the lights, hoping that might make them go away.

A Beam to the Highway

As if not frightened enough, suddenly the passenger saw the object drop a yellow-amber column of light to the highway's surface. Then the light column changed from its yellow-amber color to an extremely bright orange. Grass and dirt could be seen flying around in the light.

The UFO began to wobble, and the passenger's view seemed distorted, like looking through water. Another unbelievable thing then happened: the object and the light seemed to become one. Then, in a second, the object changed its shape to a bright sphere, again pulsating various colors.

We're Not Alone

Finally the loneliness of the night was broken, as two cars could be seen coming their direction. Any question of whether or not all of this was a bad dream was soon answered, as both vehicles slammed on their brakes, and stopped on the side of the road. They were also watching the object.

At this point, the UFO backed off, and in seconds the sphere divided into two objects, and disappeared. The two witnesses, still shaken, made their way home, still trying to understand what they had seen.

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