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Reports of Recent UFO Sightings, 2009

UFO Reports, 2009


See links and brief descriptions of weekly UFO sighting reports for the year 2009

1. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 01-01-09

California - Ardent skywatcher sees unidentifiable object. A man sitting in restaurant sees cigar-shaped UFO. Eyewitness reports golden-bronze object with red lights. An intensely bright object is seen hovering.

2. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 01-08-09

In Borneo, a professional photographer captures a UFO from his hotel room. An eyewitness reports three objects move in a straight line across the sky. Also, in Great Britain, shopper watches a UFO for two minutes. In Ukraine, two witnesses see six red objects in the sky.

3. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 01-15-09

In Arizona, witness sees a white orb descend at a rapid pace to the ground. In Florida, a motorist saw an object in cloud. Colors changed from white to yellow. In Michigan, a motorist sees an unknown object moving in a rotation, like a top. In Oregon, a walker heard a thunderous sound, went for cover, and saw a V-shaped object.

4. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 01-22-09

A man sitting outside his home in Florida, sees a large, circular UFO. In Indiana, witness reports a solid, structured object in the sky. A motorist in Nebraska reports a large, circular object moving at high rate of speed. From Northern Ireland comes a report of two, yellow objects of unknown origin.

5. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 01-29-09

In California, two witnesses report two unknown objects, with red and blue lights. Also in California, a woman sees object that looks like the moon between cloud. A motorist from California sees large, oval-shaped UFO. A man in California also reports a perfectly still, unknown object in the sky.

6. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 02-06-09

Our first report is from California, where a man saw unknown lights sitting still in the night skies. From Florida we have a report from a witness who saw a boomerang-shaped object with red lights come from nowhere, and move over a nearby tree line.

In Pennsylvania, a man driving home from work reports a UFO with a red flashing light, and from Tennessee we have a report from a man and his fiance, who while driving home, see a large, bright object they could not identify.

7. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 02-13-09

In Arizona a man walked out to his parked car at his house. He looked into the sky, and saw a cigar-shaped object. From Florida we have a report relating the sighting of two, bright, blue lights he could not identify.

In New Hampshire, a motorist on his way to work sees an object that appeared to be falling from the sky. Finally from Virginia we have a report of a stationary, metallic object that simply sat still in the sky.

8. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 02-20-09

A man in California reports the sighting of a yellow-glowing unknown object which never moved. From Florida we have a report made by four men who see an object so large that it occupied 1 / 4 of the sky.

A man driving home from work in Michigan sees a very bright object which changed colors from orange to red. From Texas comes a report from a man, who while driving on the highway, sees a dark object that followed his car.

9. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 02-27-09

A man visiting Saguaro National Park in Arizona was taking photos of the landscape. Later, he noticed he had captured an unknown object in the sky. Our second report is an old one, occurring in 1976 in the Michigan / Ohio area. A husband and wife pulled off the side of the road to see a disc-shaped object with lights circling around it.

A 2008 report from Las Cruces, NM, relates the sighting of a woman and her husband, who liked to sit outside and watch the sky. One night, they were lucky to see a silent, triangle-shaped object.

10. UFO Sighting Reports, Posted 03-06-09

A motorist in California reports three red-orange lights in a triangle configuration. In Maryland, two separate witnesses connected via telephone see a UFO. A man driving through Rochester, New Hampshire, spots an orb-like object moving over the top of a treeline. And from Virginia we have a report of two witnesses who see a disc-shaped UFO.
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