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UFO Sightings from South Carolina and Georgia

UFO Reports - South Carolina and Georgia


Updated November 20, 2013
Goose Creek, South Carolina - 11-07-13

Shape: Diamond - Duration: 20 minutes - A diamond-shaped with one side blinking back with LED-like row of lights with circular lights in center.

I saw and then followed a UFO in Goose Creek, SC. The first sighting was on Saint James Blvd. by Wal-Mart, just above tree line moving about 10-15 mph traveling along the right side of street going towards Red Bank Road.

I saw this object as I was coming out of a tree, then a light I turned right to follow. This 1st view was like I was seeing it from the bottom at an angle. The object had 4 red lights at each pointed end of a diamond shape (I think). I lost sight of it even pulling into Publics parking lot where I got out and tried to find the object again but could not.

I only looked around for maybe a minute. Then decided to turn back on Saint James to at least follow the same path it was going before I lost it.

Object Moves into Wooded Area

When I got to the 5 light intersection, I saw it across the street in a wooded area across from Wendy's moving toward North Charleston following alongside Hwy 52.

All I can say is at this angle of view "Oh my God," this thing was huge and I was screaming. It was like I was looking at a back of this diamond shaped object, with either end having rows of round LED-looking lights with maybe 4 lines of round lights with 5 round lights in each row on either end and all white.

In the center was a circle of round, white lights with a circle of smaller lights within. The very center of this set of round lights in a circular shape was dark with no lighting and the rows of lights at each end also had a gap of darkness between them.

There is no way I was the only person to see this thing at that intersection! I then turned on 52 and continued to follow; I did keep losing sight of it in the tree line as it traveled. I was able to see clearly again at that low bridge over swampy area before losing it again.

I decided to turn left at the 1st light on Rivers into that subdivision on Otranto between Stokes Honda and the gas station. I had to turn around because I live in Moncks Corner, so what the hell; I roded back into this subdivision to try to find it again and did.

This was the 3rd and last time I viewed this object that never seemed to move any faster than 10-15 mph. It was traveling over the lake/water area at the very back of the subdivision just going on its merry way toward Charleston.

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Augusta, Georgia - 11-05-13

Shape: Cigar - Duration: 5 minutes. Silver cigar-shaped object crosses Augusta, Georgia sky silently around 7:15 am.

While outside taking snapshots of the morning sky, I had seen a silver, cigar-shaped object in the eastern sky; no sound was heard. It moved across the sky from east to west keeping the same altitude, estimated altitude around 25,000 to 30,000 feet. The object was moving at the same speed during this sighting; I'm guessing around 300 to 400 mph.

Object Disappears from Sight

This object also gave sun reflection as it passed overhead; again no sound whatsoever. Then the object continued its westerly direction at the same speed until disappearing from sight. All the while, I was attempting to film this sighting.

The filming showed nothing but the blue morning sky according to the first playback. My zoom was not on at the time though I had thought it was; it only goes 4x. When I realized it was off, I had turned it on and set it to max, by then the object had traveled more to the west, therefore a dot may appear once enhanced.

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