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2012 Reports from the State of Nevada

UFO Reports from Nevada


Updated November 15, 2012

Let's take a look at some recent UFO activity in the state of Nevada. As you may know, as far as UFOs go, the state is known mostly for the top-secret military base, Area 51. Also see our archived case, Teenagers Encounter UFOs in Nevada.

North Las Vegas - 10-21-12

At 2:15 am I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. I looked to my left (I was on the balcony), the light was at my 10 oclock position. It looked like a star at first, then I saw it drop down to the tree line, then shoot back up near the end of Orion's Belt.

It would periodically shoot left and right, up and down, and one time it did a circle formation. I watched this light for half an hour when I saw a streak of light (similar to lightning, the sky was clear) shoot across and disappear near the first light. At 3:00 am I saw another light, red only, flash six times then it was gone.

The first light stayed put for another half hour, then I and two others saw a (shadow of sorts) move along the grass and tree. It was quick but we saw it. It scared them enough to go back inside the house. I kept watching and at about 4:00 am the light that I first saw shot up and over to the west faster than any plane I've ever seen and disappeared.

Las Vegas - 08-22-12

I witnessed a triangular-shaped object with white lights and one red light above the tree line at Red Rock Canyon.

I was attending an outdoor play at Spring Mountain Ranch in Red Rock Canyon. The play began at 8:00 pm under a somewhat cloudy sky with threatening rain. At about 8:15, an object between two trees to my right appeared in the sky above tree level.

The object was about the size of my hand with my arm extended toward it, an equilateral triangle in shape, dome-shaped white lights formed a row around the inside dark perimeter of the triangle with a red dome light in the center. Against the grey cloudy sky the object was solid and a darker black-grey reminding me of the skin of the stealth plane.

The object moved from the north-northwest going in a south-southeast direction. I lost sight of it behind two trees, but it reappeared about 60 seconds later. It seemed to be traveling rather slowly and flat so the visible area was the triangle with the lights below which stayed on continuously. There was no sound.

It moved beyond my vision and though I watched the sky the remainder of the play until 9:15 pm, I didn't observe any other unusual occurrence. I was amazed at the lack of response by the people around me who clearly saw the object then just continued to watch the play. A woman next to me said she saw the object and thought it was 'just a UFO.'

Sun City Summerlin - 08-12-12

Believe it or not, a flying egg-shaped object with bright white lights hovered above me then glided west over Red Rock. As I drove down the street, I saw the object just hovering in the sky.

This vehicle was completely covered in circles of bright white light. I slowed down and pulled to the right because it was so close the light was blinding. The vehicle then circled around me then proceeded to fly off to the west towards Red Rock Mountains. The craft made no noise at all, but moved smoothly like an ice skater across the sky.

The witness is a female, former Aerospace contract coordinator, who presently works as a Security Officer.

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