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2012 UFO Reports from New Jersey

UFOs over New Jersey


Updated November 19, 2012

The state of New Jersey has had some very notable UFO cases; Be sure to see Morristown, New Jersey UFO, The Wanaque Reservoir Incident, Commercial Airline Passenger Spots UFO, and Possible Abduction near McGuire AFB, New Jersey.

Now, let's take a look at some notable UFO sighting reports from 2012.

Brick - 08-19-12

Two metallic spheres floating together over Jersey Shore were seen by witnesses. My daughter spotted an object in the sky approximately 5,000 to 10,000 ft. altitude. The object was floating from the Garden State Parkway around exit 91 towards southeast to the ocean below Brick Township and Manaloking beaches.

It seemed to be odd-shaped: almost the size of two school buses side by side. It was metallic with red and green coloring, possibly from the sun. The weather was partly cloudy about 73' with light wind to the North.

I started to take video of it but it was very hard to get a good video, although I tried to stop the shaking; it was far away and I kept on losing sight of it. There was no noise, no chemtrail, and no smoke. It happened so quickly, it was hard to respond fast enough. It was not rising, but traveling at a rapid rate on a straight path.

Fort Dix is about an hour away to the southwest, and there is Lakehurst. There is also a Trans-Atlantic cargo plane that flies in from the ocean and heads west around 2:00 pm daily. Also the Banner planes fly over the area which you see when you are at the beach in their single engine prop jobs.

It is very interesting to note a case at Ft. Dix and McGuire that involved the sighting of a hovering UFO and also the alleged killing of an alien being that ran in front of an MP vehicle. According to the account, one of the MPs shot the being, who was transported to Wright Patterson AFB. All witnesses were warned to not discuss the incident under penalty of court-martial.

Without a doubt this was not an aircraft, a blimp, or balloons. It definitely something else. A video we took shows two, multi-lobed white objects.

Somerset - 09-12-12

A blinking light of short duration; approximately 3.0 to 3.5 minute period was observed. Sighting was made approximately 2215 to 2240 Hours EDST from Central New Jersey.

The object was a blinking, white or cream-colored light which was seen for over three minutes. The blinking was very rapid, and always white or cream.

The position of the object was in the southeastern quadrant, at an estimated elevation of approximately 30 to 40 degrees.

The observation time was sufficient enough to see the usual change in position of the nearby stars due to the Earth's rotation. The object did NOT move in unison with the stars. The object ALSO did NOT move in relation to an object on the ground directly below it, which was used as a reference point specifically for the purpose of observing if any movement of the object occurred.

The object was also observed by another person at this time, and also observed by that same person once this past weekend.

Ocean City - 10-24-12

A bright white orb appeared to hover above the ground for two minutes before disappearing. At approximately 18:23, the object in question came into view and began hovering over the south end of the island.

At first, I, along with my passenger, believed it to be a star or an airplane. However, upon closer inspection, we noticed the light was blinking at regular intervals, and was moving too slowly to be a commercial or recreational aircraft.

The object appeared as two solid white lights that hovered for two minutes with no audible sound. We followed the object briefly until it spontaneously disappeared.

We would like to know if anyone else saw this, or might know what it was.

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