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2012 UFO Sighting Reports from the State of Montana

UFO Reports from Montana


Updated November 12, 2012

It is rare that a UFO report is logged from Montana, but it too does have its moments. One of Ufology's most notable early videos was from Montana, and was one of two films studied by The Robertson Panel. Let's take a look at what's been happening this year in the state.

East Helena - 07-23-12

Sighting of an arrowhead-shaped craft about 100 feet over our heads with military escort.

My son (a volunteer firefighter) and I (a youth minister) were sitting on my front steps smoking and talking before he had to go to work. We heard the distinct sound of a large military helicopter to the east of us and casually discussed the fact that it was strange that it was doing what looked to be training maneuvers at 4:00 in the morning.

We live over the flight path to the airport and see them many times a day. I was raised by a dad in the Air Force and was in myself so I am fascinated with aircraft and enjoy watching them when they do training exercises.

We continued to watch as it came closer going from the east to the west and were also wondering why it was flying so low. As it approached the corner of our yard the tree was moving back and forth violently from the down draft of the rotors.

That's when we noticed the street light reflecting off the bottom of a craft flying directly above the helicopter. It was shaped like an arrowhead and completely blocked out the stars for about 2 city blocks.

The bottom of it looked like a snake's scales made of a metal we have never seen before. It had one red light at the front and was completely silent. Once out from under the light it was invisible again, except for blocking out the stars and they just slowly continued west until out of sight.

We then realized it was not 2 helicopters doing training; it was the one helicopter moving to get below the craft.

Cut Bank - 08-16-12

I walked out onto the porch, looked up and saw a bright light that was flowing through the sky. I have observed this for over four weeks now. Some of the nights it is like we have Air Force planes over the same area patrolling.

Some look as if they are either satellites or planes, but it's the star-like orbs that move in any direction that are such a mystery. On two separate nights, I have witnessed triangle-shaped ships.

It was sunset after a storm and I looked up from my porch and saw a light, and when I focused it was a triangle-shaped object. I tried to get my phone and come back fast, but was unable to get a good picture of it.

It was a strange, but I saw it blast away like in a movie. It was strange the way that it looked; it was like it had rocket boosters, but it was gone in a second.

Every night I'm seeing something and I'm not sure what to think. I am only a skeptic, but I've become concerned because this happening every night.

Montana City - 10-02-12

I heard a helicopter flying toward my direction and decided to step outside to watch it fly overhead. I heard the helicopter and saw its navigation lights quite clearly (it was dark with no moonlight, breezy, but no clouds), and noted it was on a heading of about 196 degrees True (checked with my compass), therefore flying towards Butte, MT.

I could not make out any identification numbers, as it was too dark. Leading in front of the helicopter was a fairly bright red light, about the size of a dime from my vantage point. It was ahead of the helicopter by 100-200 yards.

This was a single red light, constant, not strobing, and without accompanying green or white lights - just a solitary red light moving in unison with the helicopter.

At the time I felt that I could see both objects quite clearly. I believe I heard only one helicopter fly over. After perhaps 10 seconds, both disappeared into the distance.

Both were perhaps 1000 - 1500 feet in altitude above my position. What I saw immediately struck me as an odd scene, and one that I could not readily explain.

It just did not appear to be another helicopter leading the one which I could see very clearly.

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