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UFO Reports - New Hampshire, 2012

UFO Reports from New Hampshire


Updated November 17, 2012

In this article we will look at UFO reports from the state of New Hampshire. The state is no stranger to UFO reports. As a matter of fact, two of the most important cases of all time occurred in New Hampshire; The Hills: Abducted by Aliens, and the Exeter, New Hampshire UFO Encounter.

Nashua - 08-15-12

Two large cylinder UFOs were observed against a cloud bank near FAA center in Nashua.

It was around 8:00 pm in the summer and the sun had just gone over the horizon. I was getting on to Route 3 heading north from exit 3. I was looking over my shoulder as I merged on to the highway when I saw a bright object next to large puffy cloud. The sun was shining off the object because it was so high the sun was still hitting it.

It must have been huge because it was against the clouds and was still very clear to me. It was a perfect cylinder with no wings and in the sunlight it looked like polished stainless steel. Anyway to view it, I kept looking over my shoulder then looking back straight so I wouldn't crash.

I lost sight of it for several seconds as I went under an overpass. When I looked back again there were 2 of them, the same description, and directly horizontal to the other one and only a couple of hundred feet apart. Neither one moved and were both horizontal. I could see them clearly in my mirror to exit 5 (about 2 miles) and the road turned a little.

In hind sight I should have pulled over and filmed them with my phone camera. One more thing; this happened only about 1 mile from the FAA center, and I'm sure they would have detected them, unless they were somehow undetectable.

Epsom - 09-21-12

A white, oblong object with an appendage was seen. It was silent at a high elevation with no sonic boom, and its trajectory was erratic. It was on Friday at my home in Epsom at about 5:00 PM. It was a craft I could not identify.

The craft was at a much higher elevation than any commercial jet, was completely silent, and going roughly 3 times as fast as a commercial jet (without making a sonic boom, although well over 1000 mph). It did not have a straight trajectory; it was bouncing around a bit, but nonetheless was going extremely fast.

It was white, oblong-shaped, with an appendage on the top of it. It did not look like any aerodynamic craft I know of. It was much too elevated and fast to be a plane or weather balloon, but was not high enough to be a satellite.

Brentwood - 07-26-12

A highly reflective object was seen above the tree tops while traveling west on Route 101. Using Google street view, the object was about 35 degrees above the horizon, roughly the size of a dime and had about a 5 degree upward tilt with what I have deemed the front facing north.

While traveling west on 101, between exits 9 and 8, I saw a highly reflective object above the tree tops adjacent to exit 8 (about 1.5 miles left or south of exit), about 200 feet up and completely stationary. The total viewing was about 5 seconds before I lost it behind the trees.

It caught my attention due to how reflective it was. It looked like a very stiff, very reflective polished piece of sheet metal just sitting in the sky. It was shaped like a kite; a triangle with half a rectangle stuck to the end leaving a third of the 'wing' overhanging.

I did not see anything tethering it to the ground and there was a plane in the Rochester area heading south and looked like it was gaining altitude.

A DHL van was about 4 car lengths in back of me. I did not see him looking in the same direction, so no confirmation there. I pulled into the Wal-Mart off exit 7 and scanned the sky for a few minutes. I didn't see anything else.

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