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UFO Sighting Reports from New Mexico

2012 UFO Reports from New Mexico



In this article, we are looking at UFO sightings from the year 2012 in the state of New Mexico. Anyone who knows anything about UFOs is familiar with the Roswell Crash, and also the 1964 UFO Landing at Socorro, New Mexico.

Many also believe there is truth behind the 1948 Aztec, New Mexico Crash. Another controversial case from New Mexico is the 1975 Abduction of Sergeant Moody. Now, let's take a look what's been happening lately.

Santa Fe - 09-22-12

A diamond-shaped object was seen in the sky at sunset. We came out of a local business a little before sunset at 7:00 PM, and there was a huge, bright light in the sky. I knew right away that it was NOT Venus; it was too big and bright.

We could tell without an eye aid that it was shaped funny, and NOT round. When we got home we used a small single lens device to look at the light; I could tell it was shaped like a diamond. I ran into the house and grabbed my Canon Power Shot S2 IS camera and recorded a video of it.

When we played it back we could tell that it was almost glowing blue, like the lights were coming from the inside of it; they looked like halogen lights in car headlights. It never moved; it sat there very still and eerie-looking.

I came inside and looked up "diamond-shaped objects in the New Mexico sky," and found a post from 2007 that talked about the same type of object and others on another site from 2009 spotted in Texas and in New Mexico. They described the same exact object that we saw that seemed to be really bright and then fade into the evening sky.

Albuquerque - 11-04-12

I believe I saw a UFO today. It was a small object, moving slowly at first, then picking up speed, and finally accelerating to a very high speed.

I was working in the backyard today and stopped to take a break. This was around noon. I was looking at the beautiful New Mexico clear blue sky. Looking directly north up at the sky at about 50 degrees, a white object appeared out of nowhere.

It started off slowly and began moving in a straight line directly east towards the Sandia Mountains. I couldn't gauge how big the object was, or how high it was. It appeared to be pretty high. It was a small object and appeared white. As it moved east, it slowly picked up speed and then whoosh! It went so fast it was gone in a heartbeat.

Now I consider myself a pretty level-headed person. I'm not big on conspiracy theories, contrail chemicals, government cover-ups, or UFOs, but, I know what I saw. I live in Paradise Hills and was looking north when I saw this.

I wonder if anyone else in the Albuquerque area saw this. I was neither drinking nor taking drugs. This was just something I will never forget.

Albuquerque - 11-09-12

We saw an unknown explosion over Albuquerque after seeing some unknown lights. I am a security officer in the Ventana Ranch area during the midnight shift 20:00 - 04:00.

Sometime between 23:00 11/09/2012 and 00:00 11/10/2012 myself and my partner were on patrol in the neighborhoods and watched a slow moving blue light cross the sky over the east mountains of Albuquerque.

Within minutes of seeing it there was a HUGE flash of white/blue light (lighting up the entire sky) focused on the light we saw descending on Albuquerque.

The light disappeared and there were several flaming balls of light falling like embers. Some object or craft had blown up in midair. We saw nothing else unusual that evening, but were stumped as to what we did see.

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