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What's Been Happening in Minnesota

2012 - UFO Reports from Minnesota


Updated November 10, 2012

Let's take a look at what has been happening in the state of Minnesota. One of Ufology's strangest cases took place in Minnesota in 1979: Minnesota Sheriff Car Hit by UFO. Also see The Duluth, Minnesota Lights, and UFO Encounter - Annadale, Minnesota. Now, lets check out reports from 2012.

Buffalo - 07-09-12

Seven silent white objects were seen very high in the atmosphere hovering. On a very bright day, two coworkers and I were outside. I was wearing polarized sunglasses which made the seven objects much easier to see.

They seemed very high up in the sky. The objects were flying very closely together at first and then started splitting off - one group of two and a group of five. There was no sound to be heard or a trail to be seen.

At first my coworkers and I thought that it could be gliders, but, not only because of the altitude, the objects changed direction, so this seemed unlikely. They moved very smoothly through the air.

They would stop briefly and the continue moving. We could see them only barely with the naked eye, but through polarized sunglasses they were unmistakable, white chevron-shaped objects. The hovered around back and forth for nearly five minutes before moving out of view to the east beyond the building we work in.

Duluth - 08-11-12

I saw objects similar to the Phoenix Lights of 1997. At approximately 4:00 AM I was about 7 miles north of Duluth on Northshore Drive heading south.

As I looked towards Duluth I saw a string of lights lined up East to West. They were unevenly spaced, blinking white, but lined up perfectly. They covered about 60 degrees of my viewing width at an upward angle of about 25 to 30 degrees.

They were moving very slowly northward up the shore line. At first, they seemed to be over Duluth and I thought they might be our antennae towers, but the distance I was from Duluth did not make this seem logical because the angle of viewing was too steep from my location.

There was another more faint string of lights directly overhead and lined up South to North. They were moving northward much faster. Picture the speed of a high altitude jet moving; then double or triple that for the speed I am talking about.

I was working a delivery route and noticed as daylight came, they were gone.

Sauk Centre - 10-01-12

2 weird objects fly over our house and make no noise and about 2 miles away just appear to stop for about 45 minutes.

My husband went to bed about 9:00 and around 10:30 he told me to go outside and look at the things flying over the house; so I did.

There was 2 things flying low enough that you should have been able to hear them, yet they were silent and had a weird shape (kind of triangle shape, but very long). They flew side by side to where I'm guessing was over Sauk Lake.

Then one went to the left and one went right and looked like they just stopped. Then there was an airplane flying over. It was higher up and I could hear it just fine.

It flew right in the middle of the other two and kept on going until you couldn't see it any more. I watched them for about another 20 minutes and then they just disappeared. How weird?

Princeton - 10-20-12

Looking into eastern sky before sunrise, I saw a bright light changing from white to red, then green on a southeast heading of approximately 135 degrees.

The light moved very swiftly from left to right, down, then up in short quick movements. The sun had yet to rise. But I was facing east so there was no sun reflection on this.

I took out my telescope but was unable to focus on the quick moving object. Although it was a quiet morning, no sound was heard.

I was able to view through binoculars and was amazed as it took such quick movements. At just after 6:41, the light immediately went dark. The sun was still not up at 6:44 AM, the light had reappeared briefly on a heading of 180 degrees due south and was now absent from visual sky.

There was just a subtle change in color with white being predominant with subtle flashes of red and green. I have never seen such sharp, quick movements in an object like this before.

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