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2012 Reports from Rhode Island

UFOs over Rhode Island


Although Rhode Island is a small state in size, it has a very dense population, and it too, has its share of UFO reports. Be sure to see the following: BOAC Encounters Mother Ship, UFO Sighting over Rhode Island, and 20 Questions with Jose Escamilla: Rods!. Now, let's see what happened in 2012.

Richmond - 11-29-12

I spotted an insanely large craft, weird shape, purplish blue, blue and white spotlights, very low over my car, flying slow.

I drove home tonight, and on my way, as I pulled out of a friend's neighborhood, I could see lights behind the trees. They looked really big. So I then pulled out onto Route 112 and parallel to the road, directly above me was the HUGE chevron-shaped aircraft.

I feel as though it must've been flying way too low to be a plane and way too slow. It was a full moon so I could see the actual colors of the vehicle.

It was a dark variation of blacks, blues and purples, and the lights were huge like I guessed - white and blue. They looked like large round stage spotlights like at a concert. It was like something out of a movie or comic.

The front was the chevron-shape, but the back had three rounded points coming out of it; kind of like if you flipped it upside-down. It kind of looked like the head of a tulip.

Also a few months ago in the same area, but on Route 138, I saw two L-shaped craft flying one after the other. They had blue and yellow lights; 4 each, alternating along the L. I feel crazy just reporting this.

These flew very fast and a bit higher than the giant one I saw tonight. The one I saw tonight must've been 8-12 stories high. It was that big.

After I saw that one tonight , when I slowed down on the 40 mph road to watch it creep across the sky, I then saw a jet. The jet was about the size of a star. This craft was probably 100 times larger than the jet that was very far away.

Cranston - 06-14-12

We saw bright spheres forming a huge triangle. I was with a friend driving near Narragansett Blvd. and turned onto a street which faced the cove near the RI Yacht Club and we were startled by 6 bright round fireballs in the sky that were in a huge triangle formation.

I stopped the car and got out. As we watched the objects broke the triangle formation and proceeded to form a straight line across the sky traveling in unison with each other to the west.

After that the object in the front of the line gave a couple of bright pulses and would fade out only to be replaced by another one in the back of the line. This occurred several times.

My friend who was with me said that the objects weren't far away and I should drive to get closer. We got into the car and proceeded 1/8 of a mile up the boulevard and he was right; they were right above us. We got out of the car and looked directly up and there they were silently floating over us about 1000 feet up.

They were perfect spheres with a bright gold center that was like a welding arc. The light didn't travel outside of the sphere. As they flashed out one by one I realized they were still there, only they were now dimly lit specks of light.

They all turned direction and were heading back over the port of Providence. I'm reporting this now because I saw the report of another person about the same thing on that night in the same area. He must've just caught the tail end of it.

Narragansett - 05-24-12

8 witnesses viewed 9 UFOs in the Rhode Island sky. At approximately 9:00 pm all 8 witnesses viewed 3 red objects forming a triangle in the southern sky.

The object on the right disappeared leaving 2 in a vertical line. A new object emerged from the top object and brightened as it lowered. The 3 remaining objects formed a new vertical line.

The 2 original objects faded until we could not see them anymore. The 4th object remained constant for the rest of the night.

Approximately 30 minutes later a new object appeared in the southern sky, lower than the previous sightings. It was orange and circular. It faded from our view and reappeared in the same location 1 minute later twice.

After the second time, 3 orange objects appeared in the form of a small triangle in the same location and the proceeded to fade out. The final sighting occurred at 11 pm.

One individual witness saw an orange circular object in the western sky moving north. A second object appeared to be following the first. The objects faded as they were moving and disappeared.

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