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2012 Reports from Tennessee

UFO Reports from Tennessee


My latest article lists recent sightings from the state of Tennessee. We have posted some very compelling cases from the state: Tennessee UFO Reports, 2009, Eyewitness Reports Morphing UFO over Tennessee, and Alien Encountered in Cheatham County. Now, let's see some more recent events.

I have been lucky through the years that I made a good friend from MUFON who lives in Tennessee. He and I have discussed a number of cases from his state.

Knoxville - 11-22-12

I remember the exact day because it was that of the $500 million lottery drawing. My girlfriend and I were on the way to purchase a few tickets.

We pulled into the local gas station parking lot and through the sun roof a brilliant light was shining, almost floating in our direction. We both saw it and I commented to how it was flying very low. It was not a plane as we saw planes, indicated by blinking lights, flying in the background.

After parking, instead of rushing to buy lotto tickets, I was curious and wanted to see if I could hear the motor flying the mysteriously bright light. I could hear nothing, and I've been known to have keen ears.

My girlfriend and I were just looking at it when I noticed Venus next to the moon. I know it was Venus because I used a star map app to find out.

As I focused on Venus, with the app, my girlfriend looked away from the shining object. An instant later the brilliant shining light was gone. I wanted to put the object in the app but no such luck. We were also out of luck when it came to winning the lottery. Maybe next time we'll get a video and the money.

Kingsport - 11-13-12

A silent triangle with three white lights on each point with a pulsing red light in the middle moved east to west then slowly toward the southwest.

After returning from watching a movie, my fiance and I came home. I saw a triangle silently moving across the tree line above my house. Three white lights on each corner were continuously lit up with a pulsing red light directly in the middle of the 3 white lights.

I have an iPhone video of the event, but only star light shows with our voices captured in the background.

The object moved east to west, then turned slowly toward the southwest until I lost sight of it. A few minutes later what looked like a medical helicopter could be seen, in what looked like the opposite direction of where this silent triangle craft was moving. The helicopter was visible and very loud, unlike the triangle which was silent.

Big Rock - 10-12-12

While driving on Hwy. 120 in Stewart county, I observed a large white/silver spherical object with what appeared to be another, smaller black object below it.

The object appeared to be stationary, maintaining altitude at around approximately 10-12,000 ft. AGL over the western edge of the Fort Campbell military reservation.

I observed for about 5 minutes, with several witnesses stopping their vehicles and confirming what I was seeing. I continued driving west to Dover and could still see the object clearly from 79, 5-6 miles further away; it did not appear to have changed position.

My initial assumption was that I had observed a weather balloon, but the size of the object was much too large. Possibly a hot air balloon, but seems unusual to see one solid white/silver in color.

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