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2012 UFO Reports from South Carolina

UFOs Reported over South Carolina


Our next state to visit is South Carolina. Here are some previous reports from the state: Fighter Jets Monitor UFOs over South Carolina, Four UFO Reports from South Carolina, and UFO over South/North Carolina Border. Here are some reports from 2012.

Moncks Corner - 11-24-12

A V-shaped object was seen which emitted no sound and had no lights. I was outside with my husband and dog and I looked up into the sky. It was a clear night with no clouds visible and there was a bright moon.

I looked up into the eastern part of the sky and saw a v-shaped object flying low, moving southerly. It looked as though there could have been several together, but I am not certain.

The sighting only lasted a few seconds, and I lost the object due to the glare of our street light. My husband and neighbors saw something a few months ago in the same part of the sky.

The objects they saw looked like glow sticks that bumped and flashed and took off at an alarming speed. They also emitted no sound. It looked as though the object I saw was purposely flying under the radar, as it was much lower even than helicopters fly.

Mt. Pleasant - 11-22-12

Three red and gold orbs were spotted in Mt Pleasant. I was on my cell phone with my husband when the power went out. I looked outside to see if all the power on the street was out and it was.

I looked up into the sky and saw over Jakes Lane, three red and gold orbs (about the size of my pinky finger if I held it up). I thought maybe they were fireworks as the light was so vivid. Each orb had red and gold and the gold seemed to be swirling back into the red; the light of the orbs seemed 'heavy' or 'thick' and was moving.

The three orbs stayed in a triangle formation as they moved over North Shelmore Blvd. There was no sound being made by them and there was a plane in the sky flying the other way. I don't know if it was one craft that was triangular or three separate craft that stayed in formation.

I was able to call my husband back and eventually reached him. While on the phone, I ran into the road and took a picture. The craft seemed to slow and stop near the square in I'on and then moved on. Then the power came back on.

I did call the power company and they said a circuit breaker had flipped somewhere down the line and that caused the outage. I thought to myself maybe the UFO had caused it.

Myrtle Beach - 10-23-12

Two kinds of unidentified objects were seen in the sky off a fishing pier. Three times we saw a three-dimensional craft with red/yellow lights that appeared to move in a circle then disappeared. These appeared to be at a great distance.

Then about 20 minutes after the last sighting, suddenly a line of very bright lights, perhaps 5 or 6, appeared at the end of the fishing pier. They remained for what seemed to be minute then went out. There was no noise and the lights were very bright.

They were too close together to be planes. These lights were closer than first ones and very well defined as round. It was on and off.

I think the lights were slightly curved, but only slightly. The observers were retired couples fishing at night. It was in the southeast sky at 8:00 - 9:00 pm. There was a waxing moon.

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