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2012 UFO Reports from Utah

UFOs over Utah


We are listing some UFO reports in Utah for 2012. We have very little on the state, but be sure to see B-17 Encounters UFOs, and Did Bob White Find Piece of UFO?

Salt Lake - 11-17-12

Bright orange lights were seen hovering in the sky. I noticed a bright orange light in the sky. There was a slight cloud cover, but I could still see this orange light.

I was not sure what it was so I watched it for a while. It appeared that another light and up to 2 more lights appeared and stayed together in the same area. They appeared like a star, but I have never seen stars or planets that are in this area that are orange.

I work night shifts so I am awake at night. These lights are still there. I can distinctly see two of them. They are not moving. They appear to just be sitting in the same spot.

I wondered if it was a reflection of some sort, but I don't know of what. It almost has the color of fire in the sky. They appear to be definite points of light, like a star, but I have seen up to three of them, then it goes down to two or one.

I know what Chinese Lanterns are, and this is not what I am seeing. I will keep watching to see if I can figure out what this is.

West Valley City - 10-24-12

A black object was seen hovering and changing shape; then suddenly vanishing. I saw a black object roughly 15 feet in diameter, about 1000 ft. high. It repeatedly changed shape over the course of about 5 minutes.

It went from a perfect circle, to an "eyeball" shape, to a plus sign, to a circle with 5 smaller circles surrounding it. It was "morphing" at a steady rate.

It was stationary until I got underneath it, at which point it moved about 100 ft. in front of me and matched my pace (walking), continuing to change shape.

It had no definition or lights or sound, just black. I had to take my eyes off it for about 20 seconds to cross the street and during that time it vanished.

Tooele - 10-15-12

A cigar-shaped object is seen; then disappears. I have to preface this with a brief description of my job duties. I work security at an army depot where we process and store munitions,(no Area 51 type stuff here).

We check IDs for entry, escort semi-trucks carrying ammunition, and do checks on buildings and storage bunkers (igloos) after hours.

This happened on Monday, October 15th. from 5:45-5:50 p.m., I was in the ammunition area doing checks on igloos when I noticed the sun glint off of something out of the corner of my eye; it was an oblong object moving slowly to the southwest toward some mountains.

I looked at for a few seconds, but didn't see wings. There is an airport not far away, outside of Salt Lake City. I thought maybe it was an airplane and continued my checks.

I went on to about 2 more igloos when I noticed this object glint off the sun again; this time I stopped to look at it because it seemed to be very low, barely above the mountains it was moving toward, and slow for an airplane.

At one point it seemed to stop, then jump forward like a manual transmission car out of gear. it seemed to fade out, back in again, jump, then fade out and disappear.

There were some clouds coming up over the mountain, but this object was higher than them and had not gotten to them yet. I can't explain the jumping or fading out. I saw no wings on it and it kind of looked like a low flying blimp.

I wish I'd have checked out binoculars from roll call, then I could have seen it more clearly. I see planes fly in the area all the time, but haven't seen anything like this before.

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