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2012 UFO Reports from Virginia

UFOs over Virginia


Let's take a look at some UFO sighting reports from the state of Virginia. We have a couple of earlier reports from Virginia. See Woman Encounters Large UFO over Virginia in 2011, and Virginia Beach Report with Photos.

Burke - 11-17-12

Three very faint lights in a small triangular shape were seen moving very fast across the sky. I had been outside observing the Leonid meteor shower for over 30 minutes (though I had yet to see a meteor), so my eyes were adjusted to the low light conditions, and I was laying on my back looking up.

I saw movement in an area of the sky and focused on it. I was able to identify three very faint lights in a triangular shape moving very fast across the sky.

I saw the object cover approximately 30-40 degrees of arc in 3-5 seconds before it went out of my view (blocked by roof).

The distance between the lights seemed roughly equidistant and appropriate for an airplane flying at several thousand feet, but the speed at which it moved was not normal. I did not hear any sound accompanying the object during or after visual contact.

Leesburg - 11-11-12

A large, unknown silver object was spotted near Dulles. The object appeared to be stationary. I was driving to work in at approximately 3:50 pm when I noticed as I was looking towards Dulles Airport, what appeared to be at first glance a 747 headed to land.

As I continued to look, I noticed 2 things. I thought it was too large to be a 747 and that it wasn't moving. I had to take the Lansdowne Blvd. exit within about 30 seconds of spotting the object and when I searched again after getting off the exit. I couldn't see it due to the trees and buildings blocking that area.

I was able to grab my camera and take a photo at full zoom. I'm sure with some analysis it can be determined if it is a 747. The only alternatives I can think of are a blimp or balloon, though in my own mind, I don't think so. It was gray, shiny and metallic looking.

Norfolk - 09-09-12

I clearly saw a strange gray, disk-shaped object flying east to west in storm cloud formation. The object made no sound. The object appeared to be intelligently controlled due to the motion and erratic pattern and the fact that the object moved up, straight and up into the clouds.

I had the feeling the object or UFO was trying to avoid being seen as it consistently maneuvered into the cloud formation. This object was observed from a moving vehicle between the hours of 2:30 pm-3:00 pm.

Coeburn - 08-25-12

This is the second sighting my husband and I have seen this month. This sighting differed somewhat, however, in location and the description of the objects and activity.

My husband was outside watching the stars. The sky was very clear and cool, with no cloud coverage. My husband came into the house and told me to come outside immediately.

Here is what he/I saw: He witnessed a very large orb making no noise. He thought originally that it was a star, but it gradually increased in size and became so bright that he had to shield his eyes.

It appeared to be stationary and only became larger and brighter. The entire encounter occurred over the course of approximately one minute and the object began to dim until it totally disappeared. Its location was in the northern part of the sky close to the constellation of the Little Dipper.

He continued to watch and about five minutes later, another object appeared out of nowhere, smaller in size but still quite bright and circular in shape. This object appeared in the northwest and did not make any noise. He came to the door and called for me.

I went outside onto the back porch and I also saw this object. It was headed southeast, very bright and larger than a plane. I heard no noise either. We watched it flying at what seemed to be a high rate of speed for about a minute and a half. I ran inside to get my cell phone in an attempt to capture the event, but when I got back outside about 30 seconds later, it was gone.

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