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2012 UFO Sightings from Vermont

UFO Sightings from Vermont


This article will detail some UFO sightings from the state of Vermont during 2012. We have a couple of cases from the state listed on our site: The Buff Ledge Alien Abductions, and Planes Chase UFO over Vermont. Now, let's see some more recent sighting reports.

Peacham - 12-12-12

At 5:00 in the evening here in Vermont, it was approaching full darkness. I was outside gazing at the stars when I looked to the east-southeast to see a VERY prominent, almost glittering, yellowish light in the sky, several degrees above the horizon, well above the tree tops.

The light shone for about 4 seconds and then extinguished, and suddenly reappeared well to the right (further to the south) of the first location. This time the light was more intense, and shone for another 3 or 4 seconds, only to go out again and then reappear, about a second later, even further to the south, glittering in the sky on the same horizontal plane as seen before.

This time I felt I could discern distinct lights. These too shone for about 3 or 4 seconds then vanished again, and yes, reappeared now in the south, again on the same horizontal plane, again shining for a few seconds before disappearing.

I felt as if I could track it. If it lit up again further to the south, I could not see it, as now the trees were in the way, though I thought I discerned a bright light at one point through the tops of the balsams.

I continued to stay on the porch, and sure enough, about 7 minutes later, the light appeared again in the southeast, and did the same pattern of behavior - appearing in the southeast and then going out after about 3 seconds and then reappearing further to the east (yes, it was now going in the opposite direction).

Note that the light -- from one source I believe, not several -- did not move up or down, or side to side, when I observed it (when it appeared). It seemed stationary. It was not a white light, but a warm light, more yellow-white, or yellow.

West Windsor - 08-25-12

At approximately 9:46 PM on Saturday night, a fast flying oblong or lipstick-shaped object was seen traveling low to the north of Mt. Ascutney. The arc of travel was straighter more than round. The front appeared to glow bright white.

The tail (a blunt end) seemed to glow orange. There was no tail "stream" (the glow traveled with the object). The object was viewed for about three seconds (the span covered approximately a mile).

The object seemed larger and longer than a falling star or comet, and the image retained its shape and glow. In the sky it appeared to be half an inch to an inch or larger than an average plane (maybe a little less than a quarter inch "thick," from top to bottom).

The object was very bright, quick, and traveled more straight than curving, seemingly faster than the average jet. The object appeared to be heading almost due north.

Arlington - 06-07-12

I went to my kitchen to shut off the night light on my microwave, and just happened to glance out my kitchen window that faces north/northeast. I could see a large bright solid white light up in the sky north of me.

It was no problem seeing this orb, but I couldn't see anything else (stars) through the window. I stood still to see if it was moving or not, and sure enough it was.

I stepped out my sliding back door right next to my kitchen, and watched it. I could now notice some stars, but there were some clouds out as well. I kept my eye on this orb, as it seemed to move from north to south. Then all of the sudden, it slowly faded away in about 4-5 seconds. I watched this orb for about one minute.

I kept watching the skies after that to see if it would come back. I noticed a fairly close group of stars in the northern sky, when one of the "stars" that had been motionless for the past couple of minutes, started moving northeast and then faded away in about 4-5 seconds just like the last object I witnessed.

This took about 15 seconds from the time it started moving until it disappeared. I have seen these orbs in the sky for the past couple years now, and that is why I continue looking at the sky at night.

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