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2012 UFO Sightings in South Dakota

UFO Reports from South Dakota


A state that gets very few reports is South Dakota, but there have always been a few here and there. We have a couple you can see at Sighting from South Dakota, and UFO Sighting Reports - 02-04-10.

Madison - 08-20-12

Luminous oval seen in evening sky over Madison, South Dakota. At approximately 8:40, I observed a UFO in the western sky, as high as the clouds, but not close enough to figure out its size. The exact distance I could only guess.

This could not be a cloud because it was completely luminous. The sun was blocked out by a few clouds on the horizon. Also, there were no exhaust trails, like from a plane.

I do not know when it exactly appeared, but from my observation the sighting lasted about two minutes. It moved so slowly it was hard to tell it was moving, and at one point it just faded into the sky.

I saw it for a minute and brought three others to its attention. All three and I are young and related. I have interest in UFOs already, the second witness has a little less, the third has some minor interest, and fourth hardly at all.

The only thing that could possibly have accounted for what we saw would be some odd reflection from the sun, but I seriously doubt that.

Brandon - 07-09-12

Two yellow orbs move silently, stop and move off and vanish in Brandon. I saw yellow orb moving fast from south to north over the Brandon/Sioux Falls area.

It was a bright yellow-orange not flashing; a solid bright ball. It stopped and I called my wife out to see the object. At that point it moved off to the north and vanished.

A second approached from the west of me and looked like it moved straight up. I viewed this second ball with my scope and saw it to be a solid, yellow-orange ball moving silently and smoothly. It climbed to a considerable height; stopped then moved north, stopped again and then it descended a couple of hundred feet and stopped again.

I called my dad who also viewed this object with me and my wife. The second object then just simply dimmed out as it moved off to the north. My wife says she saw the same object three days earlier a lot closer and lower.

- 07-03-12

We observed an extremely bright white light getting bigger, then smaller, and finally and zooming away. We were celebrating the 4th early with friends. About 1 am as we were sitting outside winding down from the night's festivities and just talking, I was sitting facing southwest and happened to look up and coming from behind a large tree, I saw a ball of very bright, white, light in the sky.

At first it was about the size of a half dollar but within about 2 seconds, it had grown to the size of a golf ball. I said, "Look at that weird light!" My husband who was sitting beside me, also saw it and watched it get bigger.

The others had their back to it and turned to look. By this time, it was rapidly getting smaller and zooming away toward the north. A friend commented on how fast it was moving.

At least two others saw it as it finally got to about the size of a normal star and we watched it until it was lost from view. The whole thing took about 45 seconds.

Earlier in the night, around 9:00 pm, we had just started lighting off fireworks and I had seen a similar object, not as big, maybe the size of a half dollar, do the same thing in the western sky and also going to the north very rapidly.

The night was clear, hot and humid. There were no clouds, a slight breeze and a full moon with great visibility. There was no sound from this object.

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