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2012 Sighting Reports from the State of Oregon

UFOs over Oregon - Recent Sightings


The state of Oregon is known for some great UFO sightings, pictures, and video. Here are a few of the posts we have on file from there: Bizarre Event in Redmond, Oregon, Strange UFO over Eugene, Oregon, Couple Encounters Triangle UFO in Salem, Oregon, Portland Oregon Flying Saucers, and Unknown Source Lights up Night Sky in Oregon.

Now let'see what happened in Oregon during 2012.

Fall Creek - 11-28-12

I went outside last night at 11:30 pm. The moon was very bright and as I looked up to see it I noticed something very large off to the northwest of the moon; approximately about 1 o'clock. It was circular in shape with a yellowish glow around it.

There were lights on the outside of the glow all around the object. It seemed bluish in color to me. Wondering what in the world I was looking at, I thought perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I watched and it appeared to be slowly drifting away from the moon, but hovering. The outside lights seemed to be flickering. I was wondering if it was a space shuttle or satellite.

As I watched it, I noticed the outside lights seemed to be moving and changing the shape of the object and it appeared to be getting triangular in shape, when I noticed something shot away from the body of the object. Then the lights slowly went back into a circular shape around the object.

I went inside and woke up my significant other to show her to make sure I wasn't seeing things. She thought perhaps it may have been a planet with the sun shining on the backside of it giving it a glowing appearance. I was so convinced I was looking at a UFO in the sky that I called 911 and reported it.

911 transferred me to the Sheriff's department here in Lane County and I reported to them what I was witnessing as we spoke.

I was still watching the object, it had drifted a bit further away from the moon and down around 5 o'clock. The Sheriff's office said they would document the report. After hanging up and still watching the object, I went in and grabbed my Kodak with a 12 power zoom lens.

I was careful to keep the moon out of the picture because of the brightness and began to shoot a few pictures. The object was so high in the sky that on the photos it just appears as a very bright light. I watched the object change shape very slowly, but it always returned back to the circular object.

After 30 minutes of watching the object I returned to my house. I couldn't help but believe that maybe it was a planet with the sun shining on the back side of it making it appear to glow BUT that didn't explain the lights around the outside of the glowing and moving on the left side with what appeared to be another object leaving from within the body of the object then the lights going back around the circular object.

As I stated I've never seen a UFO in the past, however, this was something significant and I couldn't imagine what I saw. I hope I explained what I witnessed in enough detail for you to understand, and I did report it to the Sheriff's office.

Creswell - 09-29-12

For the past couple of days, I have been doing research on UFO sightings and abductions. I have never witnessed anything personally, but all the reports of sightings everywhere has had me intrigued. My husband, my two daughters and I went to Springfield today, and on our trip in, I was telling them what interesting things I had learned in my recent research.

Again, on our way home our conversation again led to the topic of my research. Jokingly, my daughter pointed out the window of our truck, and said she had spotted a UFO. I made a joke also, and then we agreed that we wouldn't make any more jokes, and that if we really ever see one, we would be able to know if the other was truthful or not?

No sooner had we said that, a very bright, white sphere appeared on the north side; not in the sky, but next to us, about 100 feet away. It was gone almost as soon as it had appeared. My husband yelled out "What the hell was that?"

None of us had an answer. We were stunned. We certainly had not expected to see anything at all, and certainly not so close or low! We agreed that we had all seen the same thing, but had no explanation of what it could have been other than what we had been talking about.

It looked to be about the size of a basketball from our viewpoint. It also appeared to leave a trail, like it was moving very fast. What we saw was not like what I have been reading about. The experience was very eerie.

This event happened while traveling west on Lynx Hollow Road which is about 7 miles south of the town of Creswell.

Cornelius - 08-25-12

Seven bright golden/amber orbs were seen over Cornelius, Oregon moving north to southeast with no sound, and in a semi-formation.

Just after 9 pm we spotted 6 very bright, golden/amber orbs flying in a random group north to southeast. A 7th appeared slightly lagging behind. Four then flew into a diamond shape formation with two flying out to each side of the 4 and the last continued to bring up the tail end.

There was no sound and they appeared to move very, very fast until they simply flickered out in the distance. At the same time we also observed an airplane flying in a lower and slightly different trajectory. It was clear that the lights were not any type of aircraft we'd ever seen before.

We called Washington County Non-Emergency to see if they had any information about US military exercises in our area. They had none. I will follow-up with calls to the Port of Portland the local authority for the Hillsboro Airport nearby to see if anything appeared on radar or they have knowledge of a military presence.

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