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Recent UFO Sighting Reports from New York

2012 UFO Sightings over New York


2012 UFO Sightings over New York

New York has had many well-documented UFO sightings throughout the years. Here are a few of the best known: UFO Landing - Cherry Creek, NY - 1965, Strange Flying Object Photographed over New York State, Disc-Shaped UFO over New York, UFO Crash at Southaven Park, and the The Manhattan Alien Abduction. Let's see what's been happening recently.

New York City (Brooklyn) - 11-19-12

I live right across the East River in Williamsburg, giving me a clean shot of the Lower East Side, Manhattan, and the surrounding skyline from the roof top of my apartment building. To the Northeast I can see the Queens-based La Guardia airport and almost directly South is JFK.

I sit outside a few times every night to have a cigarette and pay very close attention to the sky and I know what conventional aircraft look like. Long story short, I’m very used to seeing unconventional craft in the sky as well.

I stepped outside onto my roof for a cigarette around 12:30 am, as I normally do (since I don’t smoke inside my apartment) and when I looked up, I noticed how bright the stars were. There aren’t many nights in New York City when the stars are visible.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I was enjoying being able to see Orion’s Belt as I puffed away. Then it came into my line of vision. A very mysterious craft or UFO that flew directly over my head! Now I can see planes flying into both Airports nearby and not once has any commercial flight flown directly overhead of my building.

If this craft was the size of a normal commercial flight, then it was flying at a severely low altitude. It was very hard to comprehend the size, especially because there was no noise. If it was a large commercial flight then it was way too low for FAA regulations, especially this close to Ground Zero (9/11). The best explanation from what I directly witnessed, is it was flying at a high altitude and was just immensely huge, possibly the length of a football field.

It was in my line of vision for around 7-10 seconds before it disappeared behind the Williamsburg Bridge. I ran down the fire escape on the side of my building praying that I would catch a glimpse of it again once it passed the bridge, or at least see some FAA lights. Nothing; it was gone, as so were my chances to photograph it.

The best way to describe it is the typical V-Shape that is pretty common in UFO sightings. There were 5 lights; one at the tip, then two down each side, perfectly symmetrical and at a perfect angle. The lights were very large, circular, and the light emitted was diffused, almost as if they were behind a haze.

Remember it was clear enough to see Orion’s Belt directly across from Manhattan, so it was a crystal clear night. Other planes that were further away by miles had sharper looking lights and were more visible. I was glad that I was looking at the stars or I would have never seen it because of how muted it was.

There were NO FAA lights on it whatsoever; no headlights, no beacon lights, no red lights and definitely nothing flashing. The lights that were present were a very soft white-yellowish color and did NOT flash. The body looked to follow the contours of the lights, although it was hard to make out a solid surface. It was almost like you could see through the craft while just making out the signatures of its edges, but I couldn’t see the stars behind it. There was no sound whatsoever. It seemed to fly at a high speed very effortlessly.

When I had realized what I had seen it took my breath away. My heart jumped straight up into my throat and I actually had a hard time breathing for a minute and I think I mumbled the “f” word to myself a few times. I am 100% convinced that what I saw, I was not supposed to have seen.

Nanuet - 10-14-12

I never saw anything like it in my life. It was no shooting star.

As I was walking the dog I saw a large object in the northern sky moving from west to east. I was just above the tree line. It was very large; as big as a bus. It was bright white.

The shape was round in front and round in back. The front was larger than the back. I saw it for a second and it was gone. The height of the object was 1/4 the size of its length. It had no tail. There was no noise.

It was not burning red. It was bright, solid white. It was a clear night with stars out. My first reaction was, "What was that?"

Maybe it was comet, or space junk. But it only appeared as a quick flash. I called the police department to see if anyone else might have reported it. Can someone tell me what I saw?

Ithaca - 09-21-12

I was on the second floor patio of my friend's apartment that has a clear view of the night sky over the tip of Lake Cayuga, route 13, and the Cornell campus.

I looked up and for about 4 or 5 seconds and saw what I can only describe as a shifting, very large object that looked like it was on fire with no specific pattern.

Its colors mixed between orange, red, and white. It levitated high in the sky between Lake Cayuga and Cornell University and over route 13.

It appeared out of nowhere and was still for a moment, it zipped down south, hovered, and sped off faster than anything I'd ever seen. All in this short amount of time. It was so massive in size I could only stand and stare in wonder in a state of shock and awe.

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